P2-ES Eval Board Accessory Set

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Product Description

The P2-ES Eval Board Accessory Set is designed for use with Propeller 2 development board 2×6 accessory headers. Each board’s 2×6 pass-through sockets stack on top of accessory headers on the Propeller 2 Evaluation Board (#64000). It is also compatible with a P2 Edge Module Breadboard (#64020) or P2 Edge Mini Breakout Board (#64019) with a P2 Edge Module (#P2-EC) installed.

Multiple accessory boards may be connected at the same time, making it very convenient to fully explore the capabilities of the Propeller 2 multicore microcontroller.  These boards are available individually, or in this Accessory Set with one of each.

Accessory Boards Included:

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mike c

I do not want to be a set , is it possible for example to buy just digital video out … etc ?

Stephanie Lindsay

I’m sorry but not at this time; each set is manufactured from its own PCB panel, so they are only sold in sets and not individually.
YES! All of these Accessory Boards are now stocked individually!

mike calyer

Ken G has mentioned that individual boards would be available for purchase .
When will this be possible ?

Stephanie Lindsay

I am preparing the product pages for posting the second week of January; you will be able to join a waitlist for notification if they are not yet in stock at that time!

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