Programming Tools (IDEs)

Propeller Programming Tools Comparison Chart

Propeller Tool P1(P8X32A) P2(P2X8C4M64P Spin1/PASM1 Spin2/PASM2Windows Parallax Factory-supported programming environment (see Setup Instructions)
Pnut P2 (P2X8C4M64P)Spin2/PASM2Windows Parallax For testing Propeller Tool feature updates
FlexProp P1(P8X32A) P2(P2X8C4M64P)Spin1/PASM1 Spin2/PASM2 BASIC CWindows Mac Community (Eric Smith) Popular third-party tool; see Setup Instructions
Code with Mu P2(P2X8C4M64P)PythonWindows Mac Linux Forum Community Setup Instructions
SimpleIDE P1(P8X32A) CWindows Mac Parallax See Setup Instructions; complementary tool for BlocklyProp
BlocklyProp P1(P8X32A)BlocklyProp (generates C for SimpleIDE)Windows Mac Chromebook (all require Chrome browser) Parallax Popular educational tool for P1 and ActivityBot 360° (See tutorials)
PropellerIDE P1(P8X32A)Spin1/PASM1Windows Mac Linux Ubuntu Community (Brett Wier) Last update July 2016; no longer maintained

Other Language Tools (Compiler & Interpreter)

These community-provided tools are available for developers, too. Some of these tools are integrated into the above comparison chart, as components. We do not offer support for them at Parallax. 


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