Propeller Tool Software for Windows (Spin/PASM for P1/P2)

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Propeller Tool Software for Windows (Spin/PASM for P1/P2)

Download Summary

Software programming the Propeller 1 & 2 (P8X32A & P2X8C4M64P) in Spin and Assembly languages. The Propeller Tool includes the programming software, USB driver, Propeller Manual, PE Kit Labs text and example code, schematics, quick reference, Propeller Help and tutorial examples.

Download Version & Details

Do NOT plug in USB. Download the latest software. SqRunProp Connect your hardware.
Do NOT connect your hardware to USB or Serial port until AFTER you have installed the software. Step 1: Download the software to your computer Step 2:  Run the Installer and follow the prompts Step 3: Connect your hardware to USB or serial port

Version 2.5.3

Supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (no RT variations supported). Requires a web browser to view Help system. Installer includes software, USB driver, Propeller Manual, PE Kit Labs text and example code, Spin Tutorial in the Propeller Help, schematics, quick reference.

IMPORTANT: If you have v2.4+ installed, see the "upgrading" instructions below.

See Debugging Tips below if this is your first time using v2.5 or later.

Fixes (v2.5.3)

  • See Propeller Tool Changes video
  • Fixed issue 132 - Focus is lost after downloading w/o Debug mode or DEBUG statements
  • Fixed issue 139 - Text editing becomes less responsive while debugger is active
  • Fixed issue 138 - Can't view documentation of a subobject with debug when it doesn't contain a clock frequency setting
  • Fixed issue 133 - ESC key doesn't close Debug windows if focus is on a separated editor control
  • Fixed issue 131 - Allow user to wait longer during P2 identification process to find the Propeller 2 when an SD card is connected

Upgrading From v2.4+

The current installer will not update your existing DocumentsPropeller Tool folder (where Propeller Libraries, examples, and perhaps your projects-in-progress).  To get the additional debug examples included with v2.5, perform the following steps:

  1. Install v2.5.0
  2. Close Propeller Tool v2.5.0 (if running after install)
  3. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to your Documents folder
  4. Rename the Propeller Tool folder (or archive it and delete the original) to preserve the original
  5. Run Propeller Tool v2.5.0; it will rebuild your DocumentsPropeller Tool folder and include new debug examples
  6. You may wish to copy your projects from your renamed/archive folder back into the new Propeller Tool folder

A future version will make this more automatic.

Debugging Tips

This version of Propeller Tool supports P2 debugging.  Here are some tips for use.

  • In Propeller Tool, Debug (for P2) is a mode that is toggled on or off (at user's will) and affects all further P2-compiled code accordingly
  • Use the Run > Enable DEBUG menu item (or press the shortcut key CTRL+D) to toggle Debug Mode on/off, then compile and download
    • Look at the yellow message on the status bar to realize the new debug mode
  • Upon download of debug-enabled code, debug displays will automatically appear and receive information from the running P2 code
  • Close the main Debug window (or press the ESC key with the main Debug window focused or the Editor focused) to close all debug displays and automatically close the serial port
  • While debugging, you can adjust your code and download again (without closing debug displays)
  • Try out and study the examples in DocumentsPropeller ToolExamples (see "Upgrading" instructions below, if necessary)

Changes in previous versions

Enhancements (v2.5.2)

  • See Enhancements/Fixes video
  • With P2 Debug mode enabled, compiling a project which does not include any DEBUG() statements will no longer result in an error; instead, the lack of DEBUG() statements will automatically trigger exclusion of the Debug Subsystem and will compile exactly as if Debug mode was disabled. A "(No DEBUGs)" message will appear in the status bar in this case.
    • This naturally allows users to leave Debug mode enabled most of the time
  • Debug mode's state (enabled or disabled) is remembered between sessions; for example, if you had it disabled last time you ran the Propeller Tool, your new session will begin with it disabled

Fixes (v2.5.2)

  • Fixed issue 124 - Some actions would cause stalled communication errors. The action would usually be successful, but the software would falsely indicate that it failed
  • Fixed issue 126 - Failed download message remained in status bar during successful operations
  • Fixed issue 82 - "Debug stopped" would display in status bar in cases where the debug system was not intended or previous activated

Fixes (v2.5.1)

  • Fixed issue 119 - Debug caused multi-object projects to fail to compile.  This bug resulted in two types of errors ("Debug requires at least 10 MHz..." or "Invalid object file: <filename>.obj"); yet the files involved were actually fine.
  • Fixed issue 120 - Debug windows open then appear to auto-close; however, they were instead hiding behind the editor window.  Now they stay on top of the editor window (of overlapped) and the editor maintains focus immediately after download to allow for quick code edits and re-downloads
  • Fixed bug allowing pure-PASM objects being included by Spin objects
  • Fixed lack-of-source-selection upong object-related error
  • Fixed Hub RAM application fit check error; it was not calculating space properly on non-top objects
  • Fixed Log2(vRange+1) errors in debugging system

Enhancements (from v2.5.0)

  • Added syntax highlight rules for DEBUG() statements, supporting PUB/PRI Spin, DAT PASM, and in-line PASM, and most of the special syntax within debug statements; more to come later
  • Redesigned serial communication to be compatible with debug support; converted to multi-threaded, synchronous serial with cancel-able operations
  • Added debug and debug display support
    • Added Debug toggle menu item; Run > Enable DEBUG
    • Added shortcut key; Ctrl+D
      • Status bar messages show enable/disable status
    • Supports code editing and redownload during debug
    • Supports gracefully closing app during debug
    • Visual indication of compile + download + debug in status bar text
    • Added ESC key to close Debug. ESC when focus is in edit control (while in full view mode) closes all Debug windows
    • Stores optional debug log at the root of user data path (ex: My DocumentsPropellerTool)
  • Updated P2 Compiler from 11/19/2020 to 02/04/2021 release PNut v34g

Fixes (from v2.5.0)

  • Fixed P2 identification bug occuring when previous P2 runtime transmits a lot of data.

See more details and previous releases in release notes

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