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Early Adopter Series – Presentations and discussion around programming tools, languages, hardware, applications, code examples, and projects of all kinds. Learn, lurk, and ask questions. Older videos are on top; recent ones on bottom. 

Testing Hardware with TAQOZ in ROM
Peter Jakacki and Ray Rodrick
Jun 18, 2020
Display, GUI, and Multimedia Options
Raymond Allen, PhD EE
Jun 24, 2020
FastSpin Multi-language Development
Eric R. Smith
Jul 1, 2020
Visual Programming with Touch Logic Control
James Caska
Jul 8, 2020
Spin2/PASM2 Debug with Runtime Expression
Chip Gracey
Jul 15, 2020
MicroPython for the P2
Tubular and OzPropDev
Jul 22, 2020
P2D2 Module
Peter Jakacki
Jul 29, 2020
C Programming the P2
Eric Smith
Aug 6, 2020
Graphical Debug with Spin2
Chip Gracey
Aug 12, 2020
Smart Pins
Chip Gracey & Jon Titus
Aug 19, 2020
Tao of Spin2 Programming
Jon McPhalen
Aug 26, 2020
Propeller Tool for Windows and Wireless Programming
Jeff Martin & Michael Mulholland
Sep 2, 2020
Audio Effects Processing on the Propeller 2
Chip Gracey
Sep 9, 2020
Open Discussion
Propeller Community
Sep 30, 2020
MicroPython, Hardware Board Designs, and Open Discussion
Team Oz
Oct 7, 2020
Support and Open Discussion
Propeller Community
Oct 14, 2020
Debug Graphing, MicroPython and a Special Offer!
Chip Gracey, Ken Gracey and TeamOz
Oct 30, 2020
Eric Smith
Nov 4, 2020
Cluso99's RetroBlade2 and Peter Jakacki's P2D2 Update
Propeller Community
Nov 14, 2020
Debugging Update, Prop Tool, New Website
Ken Gracey, Chip Gracey, Jeff Martin, and Propeller Community
Nov 18, 2020

P2 Live Forum Events Schedule

The P2 Live Forum is scheduled for every Wednesday, excluding holidays. The normal time is 2:00 pm Pacific unless the presenter chooses a different time which may be more convenient in their time zone.  We also invite all P2 users to be presenters – simply e-mail to put yourself on the calendar. 

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Additional Videos & Articles

“Chat with Chip About P2” Webinar
in this informal-style webinar, Chip demonstrates some P2 capabilities and answers many attendee questions along the way
“Evaluating the Parallax Propeller P2 Chip” by Richard J. S. Morrison
an exploration of the P2’s unique capabilities and extensive, powerful instruction set
Unboxing P2 Engineering Sample Rev B
Terry’s Workbench
Unboxing P2 Engineering Sample Rev B

P2 Object Exchange

The object exchange is a collection of community and Parallax developed source code objects for the Propeller, also known as libraries. They are free to use under the MIT license.

Explore the P2 Object Exchange

Want to share your objects? Here’s how to contribute. Want to create objects we’re asking the community for? See our P2 Object thread for details.

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