P2 Eval Control Add-on Board

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P2 Eval Control Add-on Board Overview:

The P2 Eval Control Add-on Board board’s four push-buttons and four blue LEDs add convenient input and output for your Propeller 2 projects, speeding development.  The pushbuttons allow simple digital input control of other circuits or processes, while the LEDs can provide visual indication of system states.  Each active-high push-button has a 470 Ω series resistor to allow the I/O pin to be driven low while the button is asserted.

This board features a pass-through socket that stacks on top of a 2×6 accessory header on the Propeller 2 Evaluation Board (#64000). It is also compatible with a P2 Edge Module Breadboard (#64020) or P2 Edge Mini Breakout Board (#64019) with a P2 Edge Module (#P2-EC) installed.

P2 Eval Control Add-on Board Features:
  • Four active-high pushbuttons with 470 ohm series resistor
  • Four active-high LEDs with 470 ohm series resistor
  • Independent I/O control of each LED
  • PCB Dimensions: 1.6 x 0.8 in (4.1 x 2 cm)

See the Product Guide download for I/O pin descriptions and detailed dimensions. Product guide, RoHS CE and UKCA Declarations of Conformity are available under the Downloads tab.

PCBs assembled, tested, and completed in Rocklin, California.


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In the 64006-P2-Eval-Add-on-Boards-Product-Guide-2.pdf on page 2, the LED references 2 & 3 in the illustration are incorrect. They should be reversed.

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