P2 Edge Revision C Includes SD Card Socket, Precision Oscillator, and Wide Input Voltage

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The P2 Edge (#P2-EC) is the developer’s choice for quick Propeller 2 integration into their products. The P2 Edge packs the high-density, surface mount components and necessary design elements into a single module with the idea of reducing non-recurring engineering costs and sourcing challenges. Product developers design the 80-pin socket into the printed circuit boards and use the P2 Edge in their products. 

Today, we’ve released the P2 Edge Revision C. This module has important additions to Revision B, including:

  • SD Card Socket for bootup, *.wav file/data storage, video/image storage, code files and functions that can be executed on demand, and on-site firmware updates for systems that are created with that need in mind;
  • High-precision TCXO oscillator to keep accurate time over months and years; and
  • 5-16 VDC Input Voltage Range

These features are impressive and you will need example source code files to support the use. Until we incorporate the source code files in our Propeller Tool, Object Exchange, and P2 Quick Bytes, you can ask for examples on the Propeller 2 Forum

Examples of products already using the P2 Edge Module include the industrial Propeller Platinum Controller, the P2 ARC8DE gaming platform, and the JonnyJib Camera Control Platform.    

We sourced the 80-pin connectors directly from Taiwan and stock them for your PCB designs, too. Datasheets for the connectors are on their respective product pages. 

Quick reference links:

P2 Edge Product Page
P2 Edge Product Documentation
80-pin Edge Connector Socket, Straight
80-pin Edge Connector Socket, Right Angle


Table of Contents
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Zoltan Pekic


I have the #64020 Rev A “Edge module breadboard” (I believe this one among the first ones released) – will this new P2 edge version work without any problems of adaptations with that breadboard?


Michael Mulholland

Hi Zoltan,

Yes, they are compatible.

Rev C has the same pinout and will operate from a 5V supply like the Rev A boards.
All the Parallax breakout boards and accessories remain compatible too.

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