Free P2 Edge Keychain with Online Orders!

Place an online order with Parallax and get a free P2-EC keychain! Use these keychains for your office keys if you design products, or use them for your home keys if your interest is a hobby! Offer available to domestic orders only since we can’t simply “throw these into an international order” due to the […]

P2 Edge Module on Sale $34.99 & John Huffman’s Camera Control Products

P2-EC Module On Sale at $34.99 The P2-EC Rev. B is the production favorite of our commercial product developers. It was designed to pack the high-density, expensive surface-mount components into a single, low-cost design. We’re planning to release a new design (Rev. C) with SD card, a precise clock source, and a wider voltage input […]

Getting a Grip: CNC Shop is Catching Up with Demand

At the beginning of August we relocated our CNC machine shop from Rocklin to the small community of Red Bluff in northern California, with a partner, DOCO Engineering. We were unable to keep up with demand internally, and we were always out of stock [and we still are]. Further, our CNC machines were right next […]

Top Six Resources for the Shield-Bot with Arduino

32335 Robot Shield with Arduino - Shield-Bot Kit The Shield-Bot with Arduino is one of the most popular educational robotic platforms from Parallax. This quick video shows the top six resources we offer for this product as part of our wraparound educational support. For convenience, these are also summarized here with links: Robot Shield with Arduino Kit. Most widely purchased as #32335 […]

New product (#28901): 2×16 Blue Backlit Serial LCD

2 x 16 Serial LCD - Blue Backlit (#28901)

We’ve got a new Parallax 2 x 16 Serial LCD with Piezo Speaker (Backlit Blue) in stock. This LCD is probably the easiest to use due to the single I/O line serial interface. It works with any microcontroller system we offer, except the micro:bit which prefers an I2C interface. 

Future Innovators Fund Kit Recipient, Judah

The Future Innovators Fund started in 2021 thanks to a customer donation. At present, there’s over $3,000 available for specific students who show interest in the topics of robotics, coding, and electronics.  Our latest donation is an ActivityBot 360 to a student named Judah. As you can see from the look on his face, he’s […]

What’s a Microcontroller? with Python and micro:bit v2.0 Parts Kit Choices Educators launching the new “What’s a Microcontroller? with Python” curriculum in their Fall classes are asking about which kits they need. I wrote an overview post a few weeks back you may read before this one. Since we’ve not yet made a formal landing page for the series, the “getting started” pieces are found […]

Boe-Bots Used in Nebraska STEM Camp for Blind Students

Nebraska Blind Students Built Robots at STEM Camp Article in Lincoln Journal Star Newspaper Parallax’s educational partner has established a unique niche in their educational program: teaching vision-impaired and blind students STEM education using the Boe-Bot. The BASIC Stamp Windows Editor works particularly well with screen readers, a requirement of the program. As shown […]

Renovations Underway at Parallax

Yesterday, we had our first walk-in customer in many months. He came in to buy a robot kit for a friend and was curious why our entire operation was in such disarray, so Kristina took him on a tour.  The Parallax site in Rocklin, California is undergoing some major changes in preparation for the future. […]