Propeller 1 and 2 in Full Production Status – Ensure your Inventory with a Purchase Order!

First, the P1/P2 are both in full production for as long as the manufacturing process exists, which could be 30+ years! Quick links for live inventory status (contact us for further details about projected in-stock dates/quantities): P8XA32-Q44  P8XA32-D40 P2X8C4M64P You’ve probably read about the worldwide semiconductor shortage and the impacts it has had on automobile […]

Building a big robot? The 12V Motor Mount and Wheel Kit is back in Stock!

Back by popular demand for the foreseeable future, this kit is CNC-machined from AL6061 in our Rocklin, California office.  Customers can create their own, large robots capable of carrying 40 lbs or more. There’s an accompanying Caster Wheel Kit so you can make an effective three-wheeled design with your own chassis. We don’t offer a […]

Robot 12-Pack Plus Kits for the Classroom

Dear Community, School robotics programs are restarting in different forms around the country and we’re answering calls about hardware choices, switching between robots, software updates, and curriculum for the different platforms we support. Summer programs are being planned and educators are being trained through Parallax’s distance learning program. To help you get started (or restarted) […]

Plural’s 3D Printing Material Management System Uses Propeller 1 FLiP Module

The Plural Additive Manufacturing Material Management System (MMS) manages filament for large-format, additive manufacturing industrial 3D printers. The system provides a moisture-absorbing desiccant canister and electric heater to keep ten spools of filament dry and ready to print — providing the highest material lifespan in a low humidity environment. Plural’s new MMS is controlled by […]

Ping))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor with Graphical Debug Demo

Description The Ping))) object provides the distance from the sensor connected to an I/O pin through a 3.3k to 4.7k resistor. The object returns the distance in microseconds, or a 0 value if missing or bad sensor. The example uses smart pins and can be replicated for as many Ping))) sensors as needed. The values […]

Using Smart Pins to Measure Frequency Output of TSL235R Light-to-Frequency Sensor

Description Through the use Propeller P2 smart pins it is easy to measure the frequency, periods and duty cycle of input signals. This Quick Byte shows how to monitor the output of a TSL235R Light-to-Frequency Sensor. The output of the TSL235R Light-to-Frequency Sensor is a square wave that varies from 0 Hz (total darkness) to […]

Configuring Visual Studio Code for Programming the P2 on Mac, Windows, and Linux

Description This Quick Byte details the setup to configure three open source software tools to program the Propeller 2 (the P2, or P2X8C4M64P) on Windows under Visual Studio Code (VSC). The process for Mac, RaspPi, and Linux operating systems is similar and not fully detailed in this post – but the differences are shown on […]

Orchard Pollination System Parallax customer specializes in custom-designed products of all types. They designed this automatic orchard pollination system.  This Parallax Propeller 1 Multicore Microntroller replaced the previous relay-based units that required human intervention to manually trigger the pneumatic blasts of air into the pollen canisters to inject the pollen into the forced air stream and into […]

Parallax Propeller 1 Flies High in Super Bowl 2021 on JonyJib Aerial Camera Sled

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Parallax had a prominent view as our Propeller 1 Multicore Microcontroller flew over the field! Click on the image to see a short video clip of the system. Parallax customer specializes in aerial camera control mechanical systems of all types. They recently designed this aerial camera control system […]

320×240 LCD Driver for ILI9341 Controller and XPT2046 Touch Screen

Description The driver from forum members Cluso99, Greg LaPolla, and Mike Roberts make it very easy to draw lines, blocks, circles, graphs, and text of any color, and an analog clock face on an ILI9341 (or similar) LCD, with selective area updates. The driver provides pixel-level control and two fonts.  The ILI9341 (or ST7796S, ILI9163, […]