Parallax Holiday Sale Starts Friday, November 19th!

Dear Community,  Between November 19th and 29th we’re running our 2021 annual Holiday Sale! Everything in the store will be 10% off (except the 12-pack Plus Kits and a few custom kits) The sale only applies to stock on hand (no purchase orders) and online orders only. This means you can choose from hundreds of […]

ColorPal Sensor and BlocklyProp: Easy Color Measurement

For sensing color, there’s not an easier-to-use combination than BlocklyProp, the ColorPAL Sensor, and a Propeller board. Simply connect the ColorPAL to the Propeller Activity Board WX or FLiP Multicore Module on a breadboard, create a BlocklyProp program from our reference, and you can start determining colors. The ColorPAL is particularly useful to identify colors […]

Parallax’s Chip Gracey Featured on Evening with the Stars Often, it can be difficult to see who’s behind a company from a quick look at their website. This video excerpt shares a bit about our background at Parallax. Parallax founder Chip Gracey was recognized by the San Juan Education Foundation as a Hall of Fame Honoree in their “Evening with the Stars” fundraising […]

P2 Edge Revision C Includes SD Card Socket, Precision Oscillator, and Wide Input Voltage

Propeller 2 Edge Module (P2-EC Rev C)

The P2 Edge (#P2-EC) is the developer’s choice for quick Propeller 2 integration into their products. The P2 Edge packs the high-density, surface mount components and necessary design elements into a single module with the idea of reducing non-recurring engineering costs and sourcing challenges. Product developers design the 80-pin socket into the printed circuit boards […]

P2 ARC8DE: Eight Concurrent Video Games Running from a Single P2-EC Module

The P2 ARC8DE demonstrates the full potential of a single P2-EC Module running eight video games in parallel. Each of the P2’s 8 cogs runs an 8080 emulator to execute the original ROM code, generates a video signal (one pin) and an audio signal (one pin), and reads 5 concurrent push-buttons over one pin. This […]

P3 Propeller Platinum Platform is a Modular Development System that Uses the Parallax P2-EC Module

Recognizing the need for a general-purpose, reconfigurable industrial development system built around the Propeller 2, Francesco Santandrea from Italy, with the collaboration of Robot Domestici, designed the P3 Propeller Platinum Platform. The product is in manufacturing and will be available from mid-November.  The control board’s built-in features include a socket for the P2-EC Module, a […]

Heavy Duty Brushless Hub DC Motors and Caster Wheel Hardware in Stock

To help our customers get their winter robot projects underway, we’ve released the hub motors with encoder, mounting blocks, and heavy-duty caster wheel hardware in advance of the control electronics. These are powerful, brushless DC motor systems with high-precision feedback — adapted from the Hoverboard industry. The simplest way to build these components into a […]

Free P2 Edge Keychain with Online Orders!

Place an online order with Parallax and get a free P2-EC keychain! Use these keychains for your office keys if you design products, or use them for your home keys if your interest is a hobby! Offer available to domestic orders only since we can’t simply “throw these into an international order” due to the […]

P2 Edge Module on Sale $34.99 & John Huffman’s Camera Control Products

P2-EC Module On Sale at $34.99 The P2-EC Rev. B is the production favorite of our commercial product developers. It was designed to pack the high-density, expensive surface-mount components into a single, low-cost design. We’re planning to release a new design (Rev. C) with SD card, a precise clock source, and a wider voltage input […]