Raspberry Pi Pico Board Header Installation Service

https://youtu.be/rOK66GF8MKM Parallax Installs the 1×20 Headers on Your Raspberry Pi Pico Boards In response to customer inquiries and one from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, we’re now offering header installation service […]

XBee RF Transparent and API Mode Demo

Description This Quick Byte includes three spin2 code archives and objects for using Digi XBee Modules in transparent or API packet modes of wireless communication between two Propeller 2 (P2) […]

Five Buttons On One Pin

Description This program demonstrates how to series-connect five pushbuttons over one I/O pin, so that they can all be read in parallel by taking an ADC measurement and scanning a […]

Goertzel Operation with Ultrasonic Transducers

Description The P2 Goertzel circuit measures up to four ADC input signals for magnitude and phase correlation of four internal reference signals, which can also be output to form closed-looped […]

LEDs – Beyond the Basics

Description Most of us begin our experiments with microcontrollers by blinking an LED; this is the microcontroller version of the “Hello, World!” program that is introduced in traditional computer programming […]

DVI/VGA Text Driver Demo

Description Forum member rogloh created this easy-to-use text driver API layer that simplifies the setup in his VGA/DVI/TV driver for a single 16-color text screen at a given resolution. This […]