Configuring Visual Studio Code for Programming the P2 on Mac, Windows, and Linux

Description This Quick Byte details the setup to configure three open source software tools to program the Propeller 2 (the P2, or P2X8C4M64P) on Windows under Visual Studio Code (VSC). The process for Mac, RaspPi, and Linux operating systems is similar and not fully detailed in this post – but the differences are shown on […]

Orchard Pollination System Parallax customer specializes in custom-designed products of all types. They designed this automatic orchard pollination system.  This Parallax Propeller 1 Multicore Microntroller replaced the previous relay-based units that required human intervention to manually trigger the pneumatic blasts of air into the pollen canisters to inject the pollen into the forced air stream and into […]

Parallax Propeller 1 Flies High in Super Bowl 2021 on JonyJib Aerial Camera Sled

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Parallax had a prominent view as our Propeller 1 Multicore Microcontroller flew over the field! Click on the image to see a short video clip of the system. Parallax customer specializes in aerial camera control mechanical systems of all types. They recently designed this aerial camera control system […]

320×240 LCD Driver for ILI9341 Controller and XPT2046 Touch Screen

Description The driver from forum members Cluso99, Greg LaPolla, and Mike Roberts make it very easy to draw lines, blocks, circles, graphs, and text of any color, and an analog clock face on an ILI9341 (or similar) LCD, with selective area updates. The driver provides pixel-level control and two fonts.  The ILI9341 (or ST7796S, ILI9163, […]

Raspberry Pi Pico Board Header Installation Service Parallax Installs the 1×20 Headers on Your Raspberry Pi Pico Boards In response to customer inquiries and one from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, we’re now offering header installation service on the Raspberry Pi Pico Boards. The cost is $3.00/Pico and this includes two 1×20 headers. Above, you’ll see the results from an internal test […]

XBee RF Transparent and API Mode Demo

Description This Quick Byte includes three spin2 code archives and objects for using Digi XBee Modules in transparent or API packet modes of wireless communication between two Propeller 2 (P2) microcontrollers. Because the P2 may send and receive to itself, the example uses only one P2 Edge Module.   For 01_xbee_transparent – we configure two […]

Five Buttons On One Pin

Description This program demonstrates how to series-connect five pushbuttons over one I/O pin, so that they can all be read in parallel by taking an ADC measurement and scanning a threshold table to determine their binary pattern. The program includes automatic debounce, too. This may be accomplished with two resistor values: (5) 150 ohm and […]