Five Buttons On One Pin

Description This program demonstrates how to series-connect five pushbuttons over one I/O pin, so that they can all be read in parallel by taking an ADC measurement and scanning a threshold table to determine their binary pattern. The program includes automatic debounce, too. This may be accomplished with two resistor values: (5) 150 ohm and […]

Goertzel Operation with Ultrasonic Transducers

Description The P2 Goertzel circuit measures up to four ADC input signals for magnitude and phase correlation of four internal reference signals, which can also be output to form closed-looped systems. In this demo, the Goertzel circuit outputs a reference sine pattern to two DAC pins which differentially drive a 40 kHz ultrasonic transducer. Another […]

LEDs – Beyond the Basics

Description Most of us begin our experiments with microcontrollers by blinking an LED; this is the microcontroller version of the “Hello, World!” program that is introduced in traditional computer programming training. On the P2, we can blink an LED like this: main() repeat pinhigh(LED) waitms(250) pinlow(LED) waitms(750) This is satisfying and fun because it’s a […]

Customer buys Propeller 2 hardware and makes donation to Future Innovators Fund!

Today a customer ordered several kits of Propeller 2 hardware for their laboratory and also made a $100.00 donation to the Future Innovators Fund. This kind of customer is certainly paying it forward to students and we appreciate the support. The sponsor wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you very much!  Moments later we received another […]

DVI/VGA Text Driver Demo

Description Forum member rogloh created this easy-to-use text driver API layer that simplifies the setup in his VGA/DVI/TV driver for a single 16-color text screen at a given resolution. This self-documented driver works in both Propeller Tool and FlexProp. Some features of this driver: easily setup to output via VGA/DVI at different resolutions automatic HW […]


Description Tetris was contributed by forum member Rayman, and incorporates the Ahle2 simpleSound engine. This code was written in C with FlexProp, and incorporates the use of Spin2 files for video, mouse and keyboard. The hardware is a Propeller 2 board with the P2 Eval A/V Breakout Add-on Board for audio and VGA. In […]

Simple Sound Engine Demo

Description simpleSound is an extension of the reSound object for playing MOD file formats (the first file format for tracked music on the Commodore Amiga, created with ProTracker). The reSound object was originally created in September 2020 and has a forum thread, under Additional Resources. The simpleSound files are most well recognized for their use […]

Colorful Terminal Output with ANSI Escape Sequences

Description Okay, the title is a mouthful, but the result of using an ANSI-compatible terminal and sending ANSI Escape Sequences gives our projects multi-color output – no more boring, monochrome displays. Using color in a terminal can be very useful as color can provide a visual indication of status more quickly than interpreting a value. […]