P3 Propeller Platinum Platform is a Modular Development System that Uses the Parallax P2-EC Module

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Table of Contents

Recognizing the need for a general-purpose, reconfigurable industrial development system built around the Propeller 2, Francesco Santandrea from Italy, with the collaboration of Robot Domestici, designed the P3 Propeller Platinum Platform. The product is in manufacturing and will be available from mid-November. 

The control board’s built-in features include a socket for the P2-EC Module, a serial converter LAN / Wi-Fi Access Point and Station, a serial communication and programming USB port, a USB host port, a microSD card socket, a video out (VGA, HDMI,FTDI EVE and EVE2), a real-time clock (RTC PCF8523) with battery and a buzzer.

The Propeller Platinum Platform includes four “Smart Slots” with eight dedicated P2 pins and eight P2 pins common to all slots with a hardware watchdog pin. The four Smart Slot sockets include power lines (+24V, +/-15, +5V, +3.3V) and are used for additional hardware modules that can be connected to the platform.

Some dedicated cards will be developed and made available soon, for example:

  • Conditioning and interfacing ADC and DAC Smart pins, 0-5V, 0-10V, -5 + 5V -10 + 10V
  • Brushless motor driver
  • Brushed motor driver
  • Stepper motor driver
  • Relay driver
  • Open collector outputs
  • Optoisolated digital I/O
  • High-performance ADC/DAC
  • LTE Cellular modem with GPS
  • Bluetooth radio module
  • LORA radio module

Robot Domestici will distribute the P3 and may be contacted through Armando Paliani

Also, expect a presentation on the P3 during a November Propeller 2 Live Forum.

Table of Contents
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