Heavy Duty Brushless Hub DC Motors and Caster Wheel Hardware in Stock

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To help our customers get their winter robot projects underway, we’ve released the hub motors with encoder, mounting blocks, and heavy-duty caster wheel hardware in advance of the control electronics.

These are powerful, brushless DC motor systems with high-precision feedback — adapted from the Hoverboard industry. The simplest way to build these components into a chassis is in a three-wheeled robot design: two motors up front and a caster wheel in the back, providing a tight turn radius and ease of crossing floor transitions and other rough surfaces. The chassis could be a single piece of 3/4″ plywood on top, with a narrow piece under the bottom of the motor mounting block to keep it from spreading out like a tired (and heavy) Basset Hound on a warm day. 

The applications of this system could include service, caddy, material movement, educational, warehouse, telepresence, and security robots (all depending on your chassis design). These drive component systems can hold over 100 pounds of payload! 

The control electronics are still in development and should be released this fall. The design uses the P2-EC and the P2 Motor Driver Add-On Board, frequently discussed in the Propeller 2 Live Forum.

Links to the hardware (and a bundle, the best way to buy a set):

Table of Contents
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