P2 Edge Module on Sale $34.99 & John Huffman’s Camera Control Products

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P2-EC Module On Sale at $34.99

The P2-EC Rev. B is the production favorite of our commercial product developers. It was designed to pack the high-density, expensive surface-mount components into a single, low-cost design. We’re planning to release a new design (Rev. C) with SD card, a precise clock source, and a wider voltage input range next month, so we’re clearing out the current Rev. B inventory to provide a clear transition with the same stock code. The Rev C. will be quite a bit more expensive due to design costs, new features, and a general increase in component/shipping costs to Parallax. 

The P2-EC Rev. B modules are on sale at $34.99 and we have about 60+ units left in stock! 

“The P2 Edge Watches over my boards day and night!” 

Parallax customer John Huffman (www.jonyjib.com) designs and manufactures motion control products for the video industry. With the help of long-time Parallax partner Jon McPhalen, all of his boards are now using the P2-EC Module. This allows him to manufacture low-volume through-hole boards and use the high-density design of the P2 Edge as the controller, just by adding the 80-pin socket. Parallax offers the socket in several formats, available in our Propeller 2 Components Shop

Table of Contents
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