P2 ARC8DE: Eight Concurrent Video Games Running from a Single P2-EC Module

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Table of Contents

The P2 ARC8DE demonstrates the full potential of a single P2-EC Module running eight video games in parallel. Each of the P2’s 8 cogs runs an 8080 emulator to execute the original ROM code, generates a video signal (one pin) and an audio signal (one pin), and reads 5 concurrent push-buttons over one pin. This means each of the 8 video game cabinets is controlled by a single cog and only three I/O pins!

This community project was started in 2020 by P2 Live Forum community members Coley and Baggers with some support from Chip and VonSzarvas. Recently, Coley has shown significant progress fabricating the mini cabinets and demonstrating different games.   

This has tremendous significance for Propeller 2. Imagine running eight instances of Space Invaders, at once! Possible record of some kind?

More information is available in the Parallax YouTube Propeller 2 Live Forum presentations and on the P2ARC8DE Project Forum Thread. And if you’re in the UK, you can see this effort unveiled at the largest retro game expo https://www.playexpoblackpool.com/ on October 23-24, 2021.

Table of Contents
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