P2 ARC8DE: Eight Concurrent Video Games Running from a Single P2-EC Module

The P2 ARC8DE demonstrates the full potential of a single P2-EC Module running eight video games in parallel. Each of the P2’s 8 cogs runs an 8080 emulator to execute the original ROM code, generates a video signal (one pin) and an audio signal (one pin), and reads 5 concurrent push-buttons over one pin. This […]

P3 Propeller Platinum Platform is a Modular Development System that Uses the Parallax P2-EC Module

Recognizing the need for a general-purpose, reconfigurable industrial development system built around the Propeller 2, Francesco Santandrea from Italy, with the collaboration of Robot Domestici, designed the P3 Propeller Platinum Platform. The product is in manufacturing and will be available from mid-November.  The control board’s built-in features include a socket for the P2-EC Module, a […]