ColorPal Sensor and BlocklyProp: Easy Color Measurement

For sensing color, there’s not an easier-to-use combination than BlocklyProp, the ColorPAL Sensor, and a Propeller board. Simply connect the ColorPAL to the Propeller Activity Board WX or FLiP Multicore Module on a breadboard, create a BlocklyProp program from our reference, and you can start determining colors. The ColorPAL is particularly useful to identify colors […]

Parallax’s Chip Gracey Featured on Evening with the Stars Often, it can be difficult to see who’s behind a company from a quick look at their website. This video excerpt shares a bit about our background at Parallax. Parallax founder Chip Gracey was recognized by the San Juan Education Foundation as a Hall of Fame Honoree in their “Evening with the Stars” fundraising […]

P2 Edge Revision C Includes SD Card Socket, Precision Oscillator, and Wide Input Voltage

Propeller 2 Edge Module (P2-EC Rev C)

The P2 Edge (#P2-EC) is the developer’s choice for quick Propeller 2 integration into their products. The P2 Edge packs the high-density, surface mount components and necessary design elements into a single module with the idea of reducing non-recurring engineering costs and sourcing challenges. Product developers design the 80-pin socket into the printed circuit boards […]