ColorPal Sensor and BlocklyProp: Easy Color Measurement

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Table of Contents

For sensing color, there’s not an easier-to-use combination than BlocklyProp, the ColorPAL Sensor, and a Propeller board. Simply connect the ColorPAL to the Propeller Activity Board WX or FLiP Multicore Module on a breadboard, create a BlocklyProp program from our reference, and you can start determining colors. The ColorPAL is particularly useful to identify colors for robotics applications, automation, and environmental sensing. 

It works by using an LED to illuminate a sample, one color component at a time, along with a broad-spectrum light-to-voltage converter to measure the light reflected back. The amount of light reflected from the sample under illumination from each red, green, and blue LED can be used to determine the sample’s color. The BlocklyProp blocks for the ColorPAL provide easy access to store the amount of red, green, and blue detected from a sample. 


Table of Contents
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