Parallax Scribbler 3 Robot is 32% off!

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Scribbler 3 Robot On Sale at $149 ($70 off $219 price!)

Scribbler 3 Robot On Sale

The Scribbler 3 is a durable, fully-assembled robot for elementary and middle school students. One of our middle school teachers has used them almost daily for seven years! Students will quickly tell you that the Sharpie pen port in the middle is their favorite feature, but there’s so much more and it’s all easily accessible in BlocklyProp. These features include high-resolution encoders for distance-based travel, infrared emitters and receivers for object detection and line following, phototransistors for light following or avoidance, a powerful speaker, LEDs, a stall sensor on the rear wheel, and an expansion port for servos, Ping))) Distance Sensor or other uses. 

The educational resources are complete with classroom-ready tutorials for 30 hours of coding activities. Educators may request an account to access the assessment material, which includes teaching guides, scope and sequence documents, standards alignment matrix, and FAQs. 

We’ve got 700 S3s in stock and we’re putting them on sale through June!

New BlocklyProp Launcher Improves Downloading

New BlocklyProp Launcher

We’ve just released BlocklyProp Launcher V1.01! BlocklyProp Launcher starts BlocklyProp Solo, which runs locally from your Windows, Mac or Chromebook operating system as a Chrome application. The key improvement with this release is that downloads to any Propeller 1 Multicore product (ActivityBot 360FLiP Microcontroller ModuleS3 Robot) are now very reliable – whether using USB cable or wireless with the WX Module. COM ports are remembered and the user won’t need to select it over and over after disconnect/reconnect — a real benefit if you use multiple Parallax devices. You’ll also notice that BlocklyProp Launcher has no link to the cloud-based version of BlocklyProp, which is being retired in July. Educators will need to install the new BlocklyProp Launcher for fall 2020 classes. COPPA does not apply since there are no student logins or passwords required!

Wireless Programming of the S3 Robot Using the WX Module

Wireless Programming of the S3 Robot Using the WX Module

Above, we pointed out that the Scribbler 3 Robot is for elementary and middle school students, but that wasn’t true! Customer Whit Stodghill (author of Robotics Under the Stole The Notes of a Priest and Roboticist) has almost every product we’ve made, including a Scribbler 1, 2 and 3! Mr. Stodghill created a Tiny Tutorial to show how the S3 Robot can be programmed wirelessly from BlocklyProp with our WX Module. We’ve posted that video on our YouTube Tiny Tutorial Playlist.

Catapult Robot for Ping Pong Basketball Uses BASIC Stamp 2

Catapult Robot for Ping Pong Basketball Uses BASIC Stamp 2

The popular BASIC Stamp 2 module continues to be used in college mechatronics and high school programming courses. Educational customers Frank Nickols and Julian Potter of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory in the United Kingdom created a robot which calculates the trajectory of a ping pong ball to repeatedly catapult it into a basket. This project covers many learning objectives of an engineering class: mechanical systems and design, manufacturing with jigs, mathematical modeling and CAD, mechanical structures, electronic controls, real-time programming, robotics, and machine learning.  

Dr. Nickols has been teaching with Parallax microcontrollers for over 20 years at universities in the United Kingdom, Singapore, China, Brunei, and Hong Kong. This must-see video introduces Dr. Nickols teaching approach which combines practical engineering, business, and communication.    

Table of Contents
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