7,000 P2X8C4M64P-ES Chips Have Arrived at Parallax

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Unboxing Video, Backorders and Parallax's Next Steps

7,000 P2X8C4M64P-ES Rev C Propeller 2 chips

Today we received in over 7,000 P2X8C4M64P-ES Rev C Propeller 2 chips, which are equivalent to the production version except for the -ES marking on the package (as in Engineering Samples). If you’re interested in what they look like when received at Parallax take a look at the unboxing video.  

Our first business priority is to ship the 90-unit tray backorders to customers who supported us with their advance orders. Our sales team will be in contact with you today or tomorrow. Next, we will allocate the remaining chips across the following uses: Propeller 2 Evaluation Board manufacturing run, a Propeller 2 Module, and for general sale to our customers. We will let you know when they are made available for ordering. The supply of P2X8C4M64P-ES Rev C chips will need to provide the Parallax community with all of our needs until we receive our first production order. That production order has not been placed and has a 12-16 week lead-time, making the earliest delivery to Parallax sometime between September and November (Q4, 2020) if the order was placed today. The timing of placing the production order depends on several factors (financial, engineering progress on tools, customer feedback, etc). We will keep you informed.

We are still in the early adopter phase, to be clear. 

From an engineering standpoint, we need to speed the development of our programming tools and example objects. Jeff Martin is working towards a release of the Propeller Tool for Windows. Chip Gracey is finishing the debugging documentation so these features may be included in future versions of programming tools. Next, he’ll be preparing a set of documented Spin 2 objects. We hope to establish a weekly release process of Spin objects through a summer series of Zoom meetings. We are also working with the MicroPython developers and providing some input on their development. New community members are contributing to our documentation and we’ve brought our Editor into the loop to coordinate their efforts.   

This is my best summary at this time, but we really want to hear from you about how you may adjust our priorities to best meet your goals of learning, product development, and putting the Propeller 2 into new applications we couldn’t envision! Feel free to reply with your thoughts, call me or visit our Propeller 2 Forums.

Thank you so much to the community for getting us to this stage!


Ken Gracey, Parallax Inc. 
(916) 625-3010  

Table of Contents
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