Propeller Tool Alpha Release for Windows Supports P2X8C4M64P (P2)

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Table of Contents

Programming Support for PASM2/Spin 2 for P2X8C4M64P Rev B and C (the P2)

Propeller Tool Second Alpha v2.1.0.0

The intent is for the Windows Propeller Tool to naturally support both the Propeller 1 and Propeller 2 as a seamless experience. You can certainly expect many revisions of this tool — likely on a weekly release basis in the beginning. Syntax highlighting is a work in progress but the downloads seem reliable and fast!  

The new tool supports P8X32A (P1) and P2X8C4M64P (P2) Rev B and C with the P1 and P2 compilers, respectively. PASM2 and Spin2 RAM and Flash downloads are also supported. We haven’t provided Spin2 objects or code examples with this zip distribution but you can find some on the Propeller 2 GitHub Resources page. We’re still in the early adopter phase.   

Report issues and enhancement requests to the Propeller Tool GitHub Issues Reporting Page. Go to Parallax Propeller Tool GitHub for installation notes, features, future plans, and installation files or the Parallax downloads page for installation files only. 

Table of Contents
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