Propeller 2 Live Forums – Early Adopter Series First Zoom!

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Testing Hardware with TAQOZ in ROM with Peter Jakacki Wednesday, June 17th, 08:00 PM Pacific Time

Propeller 2 Live forum - early adapter series

Our first presentation features Peter Jakacki and Ray Rodrick, who will be showing how to test hardware with TAQOZ in ROM. This built-in monitor is useful for serial debugging. If time permits, they’ll also show their SD driver. Do you have a Propeller 2 board? You can hook it up and run the same demo during the Zoom meeting. 

The Propeller 2 Live Forum is a series of weekly Zoom meetings with presentations by early adopters. Many of the presenters have contributed to the P2 design for well over 10 years, but some of us will just be sharing our recent discoveries. These meetings are informal and interactive – a show and tell – and participation is encouraged. Whether you’re a seasoned PASM programmer, a newbie who wants to start learning about Propeller 2, or an educator who is interested in what lies ahead you’re invited to these meetings.  

If you’d like to present a topic at a future meeting use the signup form. To register for this meeting, just click the link below and we’ll see you on Wednesday evening (or Thursday, depending on your time zone!).

Propeller Tool Second Alpha v2.1.0.0 Released Friday

Propeller Tool Second Alpha v2.1.0.0

Last Friday we posted the second release of the Propeller Tool Alpha (v2.1.0.0). You’ll find it in the usual places:

– Parallax GitHub includes the download and release notes  
– Parallax Web Site includes the download

The notable improvements for this release include:

– Added customizable P2 new-file template
– Added P2 file associations
– Fixed default-to-P2 compilation bug

We are planning the Alpha 3 release this week, too. 

MicroPython with the Propeller 2 by TeamOz Save the date: July 23rd, 2020

TeamOz will be presenting their work with MicroPython for the Propeler 2 on July 23rd. We will add a registration link after the time is confirmed by TeamOz. Until then, you can track the details of this Propeller 2 Live Forum on our web forums using the link below. The first post in the thread is updated regularly as new presentations

Table of Contents
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