Propeller Tool Software for Windows (Spin & Assembly)

Download Summary

For programming the Propeller P8X32A and P2X8C4M64P* in Spin and Assembly languages. The Propeller Tool v1.3.2 includes the programming software, USB driver, Propeller Manual, PE Kit Labs text and example code, schematics, quick reference, Propeller Help and tutorial examples.

*P2 Alpha Versions:  Alpha versions support the Propeller 2 and should only be used by Propeller 2 early adopters.  See "Installation Notes for Alpha Versions" for proper operation of P2 Alpha versions.

File NameSizeUpload Date
P8X32A-Setup-Propeller-Tool-v1.3.2.zip19.69 MBMon, 2012-10-08 15:42
Propeller_v2.3.0.0_Alpha.zip1.45 MBThu, 2020-09-03 09:17
Propeller_v2.2.0.0-Alpha.zip1.44 MBWed, 2020-06-17 11:43

Download Version & Details

Do NOT plug in USB.

Download the latest software. Run the software installer. Connect your hardware.
Do NOT connect your hardware to USB or Serial port until AFTER you have installed the software. Step 1: Download the software to your computer Step 2: Run the Installer and follow the prompts Step 3: Connect your hardware to USB or serial port

Version 1.3.2

Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (no RT variations supported). Requires a web browser to view Help system (minimum IE7). Installer Includes software, USB driver, Propeller Manual, PE Kit Labs text and example code, Spin Tutorial in the Propeller Help, schematics, quick reference.

Version Alpha

This is an early release intended for Propeller 2 early-adopters.

Disclaimer: Read the Known Issues list before using this software.  The intent is for Propeller Tool to naturally support both the Propeller 1 and Propeller 2 as a seamless experience.  All Propeller 1 functionality is maintained; however, this is an alpha release with known (and likely unknown) problems - use it wisely and if serious problems are found, switch back to the previous official release (v1.3.2).  Please report unknown problems in Propeller Tool Issues.


  • Supports Propeller 2 [P2X8C4M64P] Rev B & C (in addition to Propeller 1 [P8X32A])
  • Updated to include P2 compiler release from 8/31/2020; same as in PNut v34xb
  • Added "P1: " and "P2: " prefixes to all tabs that contain P1/P2 source
  • Removes trailing spaces from lines during file save operation
  • Added initial Info View support for P2 projects
    • Auto resizes and configures based on source type (P1 or P2)
    • Supports application components, hex view, and save binary/flash. Does not yet support P2 clock metrics or Open binary/eeprom/flash.
  • Hex display (on Info View) auto-positions itself to the start of code (skipping P1 Initialization and P2 Spin Interperpreter because they are often not important for the user's needs; user may scroll to view them however)

See more details and previous releases in release notes

Installation Notes for Alpha Versions

There is currently no installer for alpha versions. To "install," the alpha version must be integrated into an existing Propeller Tool v1.3.2 installation.

  • Install Propeller Tool v1.3.2
  • Download the desired "alpha" version
  • Copy/Extract the alpha version files into the installed Propeller Tool's folder, typically:
  •   C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallax Inc\Propeller Tool v1.3.2\
  • Create a shortcut (if desired) to the newly-extracted alpha executable