Invitation to Propeller 2 Live Forum – Eric Smith’s FlexGUI

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Multi-language Development with Fastspin/FlexGUI with Eric Smith Wednesday, July 1st at 2:00 pm Pacific

Multi-language Development with on Propeller 2

We invite you to this week’s Propeller 2 Live Forum – Early Adopter series with Eric Smith, who will demonstrate the FlexGUI programming tool for Propeller 2. Eric will provide a demonstration of the fastspin compiler and how to mix languages (like calling a Spin2 object from C). FlexGUI can compile Spin 1, Spin 2, BASIC, C, and PASM for both Propeller 1 and Propeller 2. 

Register at the link below to join the meeting. Consider downloading FlexGUI 4.2.3 prior to the meeting if you’d like to follow along. The zip file includes all of the demos that Eric will show and you can run them in your Propeller 2 hardware during the meeting.  

To thank Eric for his work on FlexGUI please consider a donation to his Patreon.

Propeller 2 Evaluation Board Revision C (#64000) on the Parallax SMT Assembly Line Now available for pre-order!

Propeller 2 Evaluation Board Revision C

By now it probably feels like we’re asking you to buy another revision of the Propeller 2 Evaluation Board just for fun. The improvements we’ve made are a result of feedback from the community — a process that can only happen with many users putting the hardware to test. The Revision C is most likely our final version of this board and it uses the Propeller 2 Revision C Engineering Sample, identical to the production chips we expect to receive in Q4 2020. This week’s Propeller 2 Evaluation Board Revision C production is for 200 units. We expect to be shipping these boards by mid-July.  

What’s changed for Revision C? A detailed list of changes is provided on the forum thread or a summary is here:

 – Production-approved P2X8C4M64 Engineering Sample Rev C silicon
 – 0P0–P15 and P32–P47 are trace-length matched for high-speed data experiments (such as HyperRAM).
 – BOD (Brown Out Detection) is removed from the dip switch and instead, Propeller RESn is permanently connected to the 1.8V regulator PG (Power Good) signal, which will hold the P2 in reset if the regulator voltage drops below ~1.5V.
 – USB RES is on the dip switch, which enables the user to disconnect the USB reset (DTR) signal from the Propeller RESn pin.
 – The 5V pin which was next to P30 has been removed, and that pin is now unconnected. 
 – The 5V pin which was next to P62 has been replaced with a RESET input to the Propeller RESn. 
 – The unpopulated DTR/RESn pads which RevB had (near the SD socket) have been removed.
 – Improvements to the USB power circuit to improve protection from edge-case faults.
 – WX WiFi Compatible —The P56–P63 edge header works with the Parallax SIP WiFi module for wireless programming.

The Propeller 2 Evaluation Board is $150 and now available for pre-order (on sale through July 6th at $135.00)! 

Download Propeller Tool for Windows Alpha Release and New Spin2 Objects from JonnyMac and Ahle!

New Propeller Tool for Windows

The New Propeller Tool for Windows Alpha Release is available for download

On Friday, we also added the following Spin2 objects to the GitHub repository.

reSound from Ahle. The reSound object can mix up to 32 audio streams at once and apply volume, panning, frequency control and different audio formats for each channel independently. All this in CD quality stereo mode (or even better) using a single cog.
P2ES Control from JonnyMac. Interface code for P2RD Control (buttons & LEDs) on the Propeller 2 Evaluation Board.
P2ES Matrix from JonnyMac. Runs P2ES matrix in cog for persistent display.
Pseudo-random and random numbers from JonnyMac. Get pseudo-random (manually-seeded) numbers and random (Xoroshiro128) numbers; optionally constrained to a desired range.
Serial by JonnyMac, Chip Gracey and Eric Smith. True mode, unbuffered serial comms using smart pins — same features as original P1 FDS with minor enhancements.

If you’re new to GitHub it can certainly be frustrating to download files until you do this a number of times. The easiest way is to download an entire zip, all at once. Simply go to and click on the green button that says “Clone” and choose “Download ZIP” as shown with the red arrow, below.

Parallaxinc Propeller on github
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