Cybersecurity tutorials, Distance Learning Opportunities for Educators, Propeller 2 and 4th of July Sale!

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Radio Tilt Control Released for Cybersecurity Series for the Cyber:bot 38 Pages of Tutorials Released!

Cybersecurity Series for the Cyberbot

Last weekend, we released the Radio Tilt Control Tutorial! This tutorial can be used two different ways. The easy approach is to treat it like a project — just six pages to test and verify the radio link, program one micro:bit to be the tilt transmitter, and another one to be a receiver on the cyber:bot. Or, work through the entire 38 pages to understand the physics behind the tilt sensor, the Python scripting for trigonometry that converts the sensor output into useful data, and how to build an application around transmitting, receiving, and acting upon that data. Send your comments to  

Accepting up to 100 Educators for the August 3rd, 5th and 7th Python and Robotics Distance Learning Workshop

Python and Robotics Distance Learning Workshop

We’ve trained 400+ educators on robotics and Python scripting since March 1st, 2020. This August, we’re wrapping up our current “Distance Learning for Educators” model with a final three-day workshop for middle school and high school educators who are seriously considering implementing (or improving) a robotics program this coming fall. There is no cost to participate and every educator receives a cyber:bot from Parallax for this hands-on training.  

Our educational model is suitable for both a hybrid learning environment of classroom instruction with distance learning or distance learning alone. If you’re currently using competition-style robots, Parallax will show you how Python and our cost-effective kits let every student code and build circuits — without the large group gatherings, fundraising, and travel common to events. Our model is designed to equally distribute the funds for the greatest technical benefit of every student.

Our support model synchs nicely with current health concerns, too. For example, we’ll drop-ship robots directly to students for no additional cost. If you’re using the equipment checkout model we’ll show you how to disinfect the robots between students.   

If you’re a technical educator, forward this message to your professional groups. We’re also looking for educators who are new to Parallax!

Register for the Scribbler 3 Presentation with Educator John Kauffman and Parallax

Practical guide to Implementing a robotics unit with the parallax Scribbler S3 with John Kauffman

Many teachers have S3 robots and some experience with them, but now need a little help to actually implement a unit in their classroom. Parallax can bridge that gap on August 12th in our live web meetup with an experienced teacher discussing the practical details of using the S3 in class. John Kauffman will share his tricks and traps from 5 years’ experience. He will discuss timing, topic order, materials, co-topics, pre-class prep, extension activities and other solutions that have been useful to teachers in his train-the-trainer PD seminars. 

Multi-language Development with on Propeller 2 with Fastspin/FlexGUI and Eric Smith Wednesday, July 1st at 2:00 pm Pacific

Multi-language Development with on Propeller 2

If you’re interested in learning something totally new and seeing how early adopters create software tools and systems for the future of Parallax’s Propeller 2, this may be for you. As you know, we’re making a major product release this Fall – our newest chip with A/D, HDMI video and eight cores, programmable in Spin 2/PASM and Python.  

This week’s Propeller 2 Live Forum – Early Adopter Series is presented by Eric Smith, who will demonstrate his FlexGUI programming tool for Propeller 2. Eric will provide a demonstration of the fastspin compiler and how to mix languages (like calling a Spin2 object from C). FlexGUI can compile Spin 1, Spin 2, BASIC, C, and PASM for both Propeller 1 and Propeller 2. 

Register at the link below to join the meeting and consider downloading FlexGUI 4.2.3 prior to the meeting. The zip file includes all of the demos that Eric will show during the meeting. While this is not the official Parallax Propeller Tool, it’s a useful community-inspired software that is ahead of our own internal progress.   

To thank Eric for his work on FlexGUI please consider a donation to his Patreon.

PLX-DAQ Real-time Data Aquisition for Excel and Windows 10

Parallax Data Aquisition

Last week we announced an important update to PLX-DAQ, a data acquisition tool for Excel. Customers are running it with success and we’ve had a few questions. Community member Whit Stodghill created a Tiny Tutorial to show how PLX-DAQ can be used with BlocklyProp. We’re also waiting on an Arduino example; if this is something you can do please submit it and we’ll post it on our web site. 

Our Fourth of July Weekend Sale Starts Today with Free Shipping and 10% off!

Fourth of July weekend sale

This important news is quietly sitting down here, at the bottom of our e-mail! It’s just like the picture says: 10% off everything in the Parallax shop and free shipping via USPS or UPS to United States addresses through Monday, July 6th. 

Table of Contents
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