Propeller 2 Live Forum – Early Adopters Meeting on Wednesday + Evaluation Board Update

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Table of Contents

Visual Programming with Touch Logic Control (TLC) and TAQOZ with James Caska

Visual Programming with Touch Logic Control

This week’s Propeller 2 Live Forum – Early Adopter Series features “Visual Programming with Touch Logic Control (TLC) and TAQOZ ” with James Caska at 2:00 pm Pacific on Wednesday, July 8th. Mr. Caska will share his development process with a mixed-reality programmable controller and graphical programming environment for education. He’s been waiting for the Propeller 2’s high-speed serial and I/O to fully realize his product design.  Also take a look at Mr. Caska’s web site

Propeller 2 Evaluation Board Rev. C on Pick and Place SMT Line - Shipping Soon!

Propeller 2 Evaluation Board Rev. C

After some delays getting the printed circuit boards manufactured and some component supply issues, we’ve finally got these on our pick-and-place assembly line. Many of you have placed these on backorder and we expect to have them ready to ship within 10 days. Our current build is 200 units and we welcome additional orders! 

New Spin2 Objects Added to Repository Since Last Week

New Spin2 Objects

We maintain a section on where we are posting new objects available for use. Since last week we’ve added:

–  Nicolas Benezan’s Simple SPI Flash object (Simple SPI Flash)
–  Jon McPhalen’s DC motor controller
–  Jon McPhalen’s 1-wire protocol

Status of the 800x480 HDMI Displays: Awaiting Arrival, Posting to Web for Sale

800x480 HDMI Displays

We should have 180 units of these in stock any day now. Today we set up a photographable version for Robert with these pretty birds. These displays will be available for sale within a week at $39.95 each while supplies last. They’re being sold under Parallax stock code #27390.

Table of Contents
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