Propeller 2 Live Forum: Chip Gracey presents “Spin 2 Debug with Runtime Expression Reporting”

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Learn and Use this New Lightweight Debug Tool at our Propeller 2 Early Adopter Meeting on Wednesday, 2:00 pm Pacific

Spin 2 Debug with Runtime Expression Reporting

At this week’s Propeller 2 Live Forum – Early Adopter Series, Chip will show off the latest version of PNut which includes a runtime debugging tool for Spin2 programs. He’ll demonstrate with a few simple programs and a more advanced application. You’ll be able to run the programs concurrently with the presentation and ask questions, too. We will post the links to the example programs and new PNut on the Propeller 2 Live Forum thread (first post) before the presentation.

For now, we just need you to get registered for this event, which is 2:00 pm Pacific (note: it was previously scheduled at 8:00 pm Pacific Time but we moved it to 2:00 pm to have the best chance of accommodating both the Australians and Europeans.

Shown above is a Spin2 program in PNut and a memory usage map demonstrating that the debugger is consuming the last 16KB of hub RAM (write-protected). The 16KB is used for not just the debugger, but all the DEBUG records, as well, so that each DEBUG command only adds three bytes to a Spin2 program and one instruction to a PASM program. When not compiling for DEBUG use, the DEBUG() statements are ignored by the compiler, keeping your code pure. The DEBUG output from the program is shown below. You may also run the sample programs in the Propeller Tool Alpha Release with Parallax Serial Terminal if you prefer.

Table of Contents
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