Building a big robot? The 12V Motor Mount and Wheel Kit is back in Stock!

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Table of Contents

Back by popular demand for the foreseeable future, this kit is CNC-machined from AL6061 in our Rocklin, California office.  Customers can create their own, large robots capable of carrying 40 lbs or more. There’s an accompanying Caster Wheel Kit so you can make an effective three-wheeled design with your own chassis. We don’t offer a motor controller for this kit, but there are plenty of them from Pololu and Amazon. The encoder PCBs are included in this kit, too.

On sale through July 5, 2021 too!

To make a robot from this, you just need a piece of plywood for the base, a 12V battery, some switches and wire, and away you go!

12V Motor Mount and Wheel Kit
Caster Wheel Kit

Table of Contents
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Tom Carroll

These wheel assemblies have a long and successful history, starting with the Parallax “Eddie” platform and later, the Arlo platform. I’ve talked with many people who say that “I know Parallax makes great products, but I can’t afford most of their products.” I have later talked with the same people who have since bought the Parallax Ping))) ultrasonic sensors, after using Chinese knock-offs that had their robots smashing into things. “These things work and are accurate and just keep on working,” they tell me. That especially goes for these heavy-duty motor/wheel/encoder assemblies. I have used several sets and their quality cannot be matched with anything that you can find on the Internet. The 6061 aerospace-quality aluminum hub assemblies are second to none. Coupled with the motors and quality pneumatic tires, you’ll have a better “large-sized” robot than anything you can find under several thousand dollars. Yes, you’ll pay more but a BMW beats a Yugo, any day. You also have access to knowledgeable personnel at Parallax who can answer your questions and help you in your design process.

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