Propeller 1 and 2 in Full Production Status – Ensure your Inventory with a Purchase Order!

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Table of Contents

First, the P1/P2 are both in full production for as long as the manufacturing process exists, which could be 30+ years!

Quick links for live inventory status:

You will notice that the Propeller 1 QFP package is out of stock. We are expecting the supply to be increased dramatically by October, but please read on to ensure your production orders can be processed. 

Worldwide Semiconductor Shortage

You’ve probably read about the worldwide semiconductor shortage and the impacts it has had on automobile production. There’s even a $52B congressional bill to improve domestic reliance and R&D of new technologies. What caused this shortage? During the pandemic, many product manufacturers were not placing regular orders for components and microcontrollers, slowing semiconductor production at foundries. Throw in a multi-month fabrication cycle to recover with an increase in personal electronics consumption and there’s a real shortage of components and chips!     

What We’re Doing

We’ve taken steps for many months to minimize the impact of this situation for Parallax customers who use the P1/P2. In January we increased our orders to the semiconductor foundries to ensure in-stock availability. We’re factoring in all of your purchase orders and our projections to ensure adequate supply. At the moment, we foresee no serious shortage, although a single customer can always change that with a surprise order (we allocate chips and fill orders in the sequence received, so nobody “cuts the line”). At the same time, our foundries have increased their manufacturing and lead times on us, so there’s no easy way around that new variable. However, the manufacturing process is mostly domestic – and specifically, the P2 is made almost entirely in the United States. Only the packaging process occurs overseas — which is about the only solution available for mass production.  

P1 and P2 Production Status: Active!

The Propeller 1 remains in full production. Some customers have asked if the P2 obsoletes the P1. No, it does not. The P1 is our highest-volume microcontroller and shall be supported for many years to come. The current out-of-stock situation is slowly being resolved as more chips come into inventory.   

What can you do to ensure you’re getting your P1/P2 chips?

Submit a purchase order. If you work with a purchasing manager (or if that’s you), use a lead time of 20 weeks for P1/P2 chips. Submit the purchase order to Parallax 20 weeks in advance of your anticipated need. Our Material Requisition Process (MRP) software will add in your purchase orders, our projections, and help us plan future supplies.

You can also buy whatever stock on-hand, which is visible on the product page. These numbers can change daily.

You may also purchase orders through our distributors Mouser, Digi-Key, and RS Components.

Table of Contents
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