Wireless Programming with the ESP8266 WX Module

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Table of Contents

Connect the boards together as shown and double-check the correct orientation of each item.

  1. Connect a suitable 5V power source and ensure the boards are powered on by observing the green VIN light on the WiFi module.
  2. Using a laptop, tablet, or other computer with wireless networking capability, browse for available networks.
  3. You should find a network in the format “wx-123456”, which is the WiFi module. Connect to that network! Tip: If you do not see the network, refer to the P2 WX Adapter Add-on Board Product Guide 
  4. Open a browser and visit the module web page:
  1. Check the firmware version is v1.3 or greater. Tip: If your firmware is older, you can download the latest “.ota” firmware file from here and upload it at the module web page “Firmware” tab.
  2. At the Parallax WiFi module webpage, select the Settings menu and ensure both these settings are correct:
    • Reset Pin = CTS (GPIO13)
    • P2 Drag/Drop Loader = Enabled
  3. After making changes, click “Save to Flash”.
  1. At the Parallax WiFi module webpage, select the P2 Drag/Drop Loader menu which will appear on the left-hand menu after you Enabled it in step 7.
  2. You will see the Drag and Drop target area appear. Simply drop compiled P2 binary files into this area and the P2 will execute the file immediately. Tip: If your P2 board or module has a configuration DipSwitch, ensure switch no.4 (down-arrow) is OFF to allow this programming mode!
Any Propeller 2 binary file.
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Table of Contents
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