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Educators Workshops Now Enrolling: Electronics with micro:bit and Python using Parallax Curriculum (button to events)

What’s a Microcontroller with Python and micro:bit – 12-pack Plus Overview

We’ve packed 12 sets of our What’s a Micrcocontroller with Python and micro:bit kit, along with 12 sets of bonus sensors, continuous rotation servos, and connecting hardware to make it easier than ever to equip your classroom.

What’s a Microcontroller with Python and micro:bit” is a series of web lessons (in progress) designed to get anyone—from the casual maker to pre-engineering student—started with building circuits and designing their own micro:bit-based inventions.

This kit has all the parts needed to complete the web lessons, centered on a micro:bit 2.0 module with an Edge I/O adapter connected to a breadboard. A variety of electronic parts support hands-on building with circuits common in many devices: including: indicator lights (binary output), pushbuttons (binary inputs), servo position motors (analog output), potentiometer rotation and phototransistor light sensors (analog inputs), RGB LEDs (parallel input to analog output), and infrared object detectors, transistors, and amplifiers (integrated circuits).

Breadboard circuits paired with the micro:bit’s V2’s built-in radio, accelerometer, compass, mic, buttons, display, and all its other features take the learning and invention possibilities to an entirely new level. Students using these kits will not only learn about the circuits, but how to test and measure them with the CYBERscope web app that uses the micro:bit as a multimeter, oscilloscope, and more.

This kit and tutorial series is the next generation of the original BASIC Stamp based “What’s a Microcontroller” developed by Parallax engineer and author Andy Lindsay. With over a hundred thousand of the original text and kits sent around the world, it inspired a generation of inventors, technicians and engineers.

Andy is bringing his years of experience equipping and training educators to “What’s a Microcontroller with Python and micro:bit”, a joint project with CYBER.ORG, the academic initiative of the Cyber Innovation Center.

  • 12 complete kits for teaching programming, electronics, and pre-engineering skills with Python and the BBC micro:bit 2.0
  • Edge I/O Adapters makes it easy to extend micro:bit I/O pads to breadboards for prototyping
  • Alligator clip probes and a web app turn each micro:bit into a multimeter and even an oscilloscope for exploring electricity
  • Bonus infrared motion and laser distance sensors for exploring the environment
  • Bonus Continuous rotation servos for expanded application potential
  • 12-inch extension cables and extra 3-pin headers for connecting the bonus devices to the breadboard
What’s a Microcontroller with Python and micro:bit – 12-pack Plus Contents

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