Edge I/O Adapter compatible with BBC micro:bit


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Edge I/O Adapter compatible with BBC micro:bit Overview:

Connect a BBC micro:bit module to a breadboard with the Parallax Edge I/O Adapter, moving students from the alligator clip connections into a more useful prototyping space used in higher education. While many breadboard adapters exist for the micro:bit, they frequently have one key shortcoming that we have addressed in our design related to power supply management. The micro:bit only provides 90 mA of current when powered directly from the battery pack, useful for a single micro servo. In our design, the micro:bit battery pack connects directly to the Edge I/O adapter to power both the micro:bit and breadboard accessories directly (with as much current as the batteries can provide). This is particularly important when using multiple motors, LEDs and sensors.

This compact board breaks out all of the micro:bit I/O pins in sequential order, and includes power connections for the two most common types of breadboards. It is fully compatible with micro:bit version 1.5 and micro:bit version 2.0 modules.

Parallax has designed this board and is developing curriculum support in partnership with CYBER.ORG, the academic initiative of the Cyber Innovation Center.

Edge I/O Adapter Features:
  • 80-way card edge connector, compatible with the BBC micro:bit module
  • Dual 2-pin, 0.1” headers connect power and ground to the breadboard’s power rails
  • 20-way 0.1” header connects every micro:bit I/O to the breadboard, along with a a 3 V reference
  • JST socket for connecting of the micro:bit standard battery pack
  • Pass-through power from the Edge I/O Adapter JST socket to the micro:bit power input with reverse polarity and dual voltage source protection
Edge I/O Adapter Board Revision Notice:

The (+) and (-) power rail header pin positions have been swapped between Rev A (blue modules) and Rev B (black modules). Check your module’s pin labeling.

Edge I/O Adapter Application Ideas:
  • Learning circuit-building and programming
  • Building projects
  • Designing prototype circuits
Edge I/O Adapter Key Specifications:
  • Form factor: 80-pin, 1.27 mm card edge socket and male header pins with 0.1″ pin spacing
  • GPIO: All 19 micro:bit I/O pins accessible
  • Power Input: 3 V via a 2-pin 2 mm JST-PH connector, or 3 to 3.3 V power source from the breadboard
  • Operating temperature: -4 to +185 °F (-20 to +85 °C)
  • Dimensions including edge connector: 1.49 x 2.28 in (37.8 x 58 mm)
  • PCB assembled, tested, and completed in Rocklin, California

Product guide, RoHS CE and UKCA Declarations of Conformity are available under the Downloads tab.

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