micro:bit 2.0 CLUB Bundle

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Product Description

micro:bit 2.0 CLUB Bundle Overview:

The micro:bit 2.0 CLUB Bundle includes ten (10) units each of the micro:bit 2.0 module, battery pack, two AAA batteries, and USB cable, all packed in a single box.

The BBC micro:bit 2.0 will be completely familiar to anyone who has used the original device. It’s the same size, shape and looks very similar — and functions the same way. Programs written for the prior version run on version 2.0 with the same editors. However, the micro:bit v2.0 features several significant additions related to program memory (3.5x the code space for cyber:bot Python scripts), a touch-pad button, speaker and microphone. These hardware additions expand the kinds of applications students may build.

Some additional refinements include a notched edge connector, power LED, and an exposed, gold-plated antenna to identify the radio/Bluetooth component.

The micro:bit 2.0 module is compatible with Parallax’s cyber:bot robot kit (without micro:bit #32705), the cyber:bot board (#32702) and the Edge I/O Adapter (#32710).

micro:bit 2.0 Module Features:
  • Hardware sensors and I/O devices in the original BBC micro:bit are included
  • On board speaker
  • Microphone with LED indicator
  • Touch-sensitive logo
  • Built-in sleep/off mode that allows power-down with batteries connection
  • Discrete on-board regulator to supply up to 200 mA of current to external devices

Refer to microbit.org for official, complete specifications.

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