Propeller 2 Mini Starter Bundle

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A compact yet complete setup for getting started with Propeller 2 multicore microcontroller development, with a 5% discount built in! Click the arrow to see details and resources for each item included in the bundle.

$109.33 $103.86

  • P2 Edge Module

    The P2 Edge Module puts the the 8-core, 100-pin P2X8C4M64P, core and I/O power regulators, power filtering capacitors, crystal, flash memory, boot configuration switches, and two user-configurable on-board LEDs on a compact 6-layer PCB with card edge connector pads.

    $49.00 $46.55

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    SKU P2-EC
  • P2 Edge Mini Breakout Board

    The P2 Edge Mini Breakout Board is a minimalist but fully functional P2X8C4M64P programming system for the P2 Edge module.

    $29.95 $28.45

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    SKU 64019
  • USB Mains Adapter, 18W, 5V, 3A

    $5.95 $5.65

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    SKU 750-00001
  • USB A to DC 2.1mm Jack Cable

    $2.49 $2.37

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    SKU 805-00019
  • Prop Plug Rev E

    The Prop Plug provides a USB-to-serial port connection that is convenient for microcontroller programming and communication. Compatible with Propeller 1 and Propeller 2 multicore microcontroller development systems.

    $16.95 $16.10

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    SKU 32201
  • USB A to Micro B Cable

    $4.99 $4.74

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    SKU 805-00016