Manufacturing update on P2 Edge Module and Edge Module Breadboard

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Table of Contents

Many customers are awaiting the next manufacturing run of these two Propeller 2 products. Our manufacturing team worked through the weekend and completed most of the P2 Edge Modules. These boards now need to be depanelized, tested, and bagged. We’re waiting on a small component (due tomorrow, on Tuesday) to finish the P2 Edge Module Breadboard. We should be able to ship both of these products by the weekend. Start planning your holiday learning!

Our new website doesn’t support pre-orders yet, but we’ve added a “Notify me by e-mail when back in stock!” button to the product page. This useful utility will send you an e-mail to order the minute our inventory is replenished. If you prefer to place a backorder by phone, you may also call our Sales team at (888) 512-1024.   

Table of Contents
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Can’t wait to play with mine!

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