Seeking your input on winter/spring Parallax workshops for educators

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Table of Contents

This December we are planning our winter and spring on-line events. We’re considering a series of 20 unique one-hour educational open meetings where Parallax or a guest presenter shares a topic. If you have the hardware on hand, you may also run our code examples while we share them. The style of the workshops is prepared yet informal.

We’d like your input on topics! Some of the topics we’ve bounced around include:

– Advanced Python scripting with the cyber:bot and micro:bit v2.0
– Troubleshooting circuits/code and basic electronics
– In-progress reports of our collaboration with CYBER.ORG on a June kit release
– Which robot language/platform to use in your classroom (Python, PBASIC, Arduino C, BlocklyProp/C)
– Autonomous robot competitions in class using vision, Grippers, or Line Followers
– Projects and applications with BlocklyProp and the Propeller 1 
– University use of the Propeller 2

Tell us what you’d like from these workshops! Send us a message and share your ideas.

These workshops are in addition to the Propeller 2 Live Forums, which occur every Wednesday. In January, we will also open three Professional Development distance-learning workshops for educators (500 educators maximum) with the Shield-Bot for Arduino, cyber:bot, and ActivityBot 360. There is no cost for these workshops and educators will receive a robot from Parallax upon their acceptance into the program. 

Table of Contents
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Piotr Kardasz

The Propeller 2 is one of the best examples of analog enabled microcontroller with its A/D and DA capabilities and cordic module. A topic about using the P2 in analog environment can be interesting. Now I am learning all about P2 I can while waiting for my P2 stuff delivery (dev board, accesories and chips) I have 2 projects which I want to do with it after initial learning: a retrocomputer, which is maybe not a good topic for younger users – and a music synthesizer using all these DAC/ADC capabilities.

Some of things which can be available:

  • how to make an oscilloscope using P2 and what parameters it can reach?
  • Using a P2 as DSP processor for all kind of audio processing.
Piotr Kardasz

I am in Central European time zone, UTC+1/UTC+2

I have to receive and learn the hardware which is still somewhere between Parallax and my university and then learn it first until I can participate as an author of useful stuff. I have a P1 background so learning P2 should be fast.

I plan to prepare a presentation about this chip for teachers in my faculty (I did it several years ago with P1, I also I presented a P1V based machine – this:×1080-enabled/p1 ) as the Propeller is near not known here.

Ken Gracey

Piotr, please see for Tuesday at 2:00 pm Pacific. I realize this is late in your time zone. There will be a YouTube video to watch afterwards, though. If you have specific questions or requests, please send them to me and I’ll see that Chip addresses them in detail.

Piotr Kardasz

I will watch the YT video, 2.00 PM Pacific is 11.00 PM here ant this is way too late.

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