Top Six Resources for the Shield-Bot with Arduino

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Table of Contents

The Shield-Bot with Arduino is one of the most popular educational robotic platforms from Parallax. This quick video shows the top six resources we offer for this product as part of our wraparound educational support. For convenience, these are also summarized here with links:

  1. Robot Shield with Arduino Kit. Most widely purchased as #32335 Robot Shield with Arduino, or the retrofit kit for Boe-Bot users #910-32333 Boe-Bot to Shield-Bot Retrofit Kit with Arduino Uno, or the all-inclusive kit for classrooms #32339 Shield-Bot with Arduino 12-Pack Plus for Classrooms. This last product is the best value and includes enough hardware for a full semester and maybe even a year-long course.
  2. Robotics with the BOE Shield Tutorials. Available in the 450-page tutorial printed with a lay-flat spiral binding as #122-32335 Robotics with the BOE Shield Tutorial or as a free PDF download, and in the on-line html format on Choose the format that’s best for your learning style; I favor the printed book for reasons explained in the video.    
  3. Assessments Material for Each Chapter. Educators have access to our full program with assessment material in RTF and PDF formats which you may use as provided or be brought into your CMS (Canvas) learning system. Freely available by e-mail request to
  4. Standards Alignment. RTF (editable) and PDF formats of our assessment material may be used as we provide them or edited directly by the educator. Available by e-mail request to
  5. Chromebook Support on EDU.Codebender. We are the only company to offer hassle-free, free of purchase, Chromebook support for Arduino thanks to our annual partnership with Codebender. Educators who use the Shield-Bot in their classroom receive a free Edu.codebender license from Parallax. This is the most reliable, easy way to program the Arduino Uno from Chromebooks. For the teacher, there’s no credit card requirement and this software is FERPA/COPPA compliant. For the student, there’s no login to forget (and reset!) Request your educator access code from Parallax through this web form
  6. Accessories! The number of accessories available to the Arduino Uno are immense, and the Shield-Bot robot has customized add-ons to scaffold the learning. The most popular accessories are the Ping))) Ultrasonic Sensor with Servo and Mounting Bracket, the Pixy2 Camera and Mounting Kit, ColorPal, and QTI Line Follower Kit. These accessories are compatible across most of our robot kits thanks to the common aluminum platform design.  

Educators may also call our Educator Hotline at (916) 701-8625. This provides an instant connection to one of our educational team who can answer questions ranging from sales to support. We know what it’s like to be in front of a class and created this support system to answer your questions, on your schedule. 

We’ve evolved the Shield-Bot educational program to be what teachers and students have asked for. Let us know if there’s additional support you’d like from this product.  

Ken Gracey

Table of Contents
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