Boe-Bot to Shield-Bot Retrofit Kit with Arduino Uno


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Product Description

If you are a fan of the original BASIC Stamp Boe-Bot Robot, but find you need to convert one (or a whole fleet) to use an Arduino Uno, use this retrofit kit to create a “Shield-Bot.”

The Board of Education Shield plugs right on top of the included Arduino Uno.  The two boards are held together with the included hardware.  A 5-AA battery pack brings the power supply up above 7 V, the recommended input voltage for an Arduino Uno. (Already have an Arduino Uno? Get this version instead.)

Then, you are ready to follow “Robotics with the BOE Shield-Bot for Arduino” as a web tutorial (free) or printed text (sold separately). This adaptation of the original Robotics text begins with a programming tutorial, and then works through all of the classic DIY navigation sensor circuits: touch-whisker switches, light-following with photo-transistors, and object detection with infrared headlights.  (If you are also in need of replacement circuit components, see our Small Robot Electronics Pack.)

Many robotic add-ons are also supported with Arduino example code, including the QTI Line Follower, Ping))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor & Mounting Bracket, Gripper Kit, and IR Remote Control.  See the Additional Resources below for links.

Key Features:

  • Retrofits your Boe-Bot robot with an Arduino Uno in a Board of Education Shield
  • Board of Education Shield supports all the classic DIY navigation sensor circuits
  • 5-AA battery pack brings input voltage up to 7.5 V
  • Hardware included for holding the Shield and Arduino Uno together
  • Supported by the Retrofit Instructions and free Robotics with the Board of Education Shield web tutorial

Note: USB A to B programming cable required, not included.

Note: The 5-AA battery pack brings the power supply up to 7.5 V; the Arduino Uno input range is 7-12 VDC, with 7 V recommended.

Kit Contents:

  • (1)  – Arduino Uno (#32330)
  • (1)  – Board of Education Shield for Arduino (#35000)
  • (1)  – Battery Holder 5-AA Barrel Jack (#753-00007)
  • (3)  – Spacers, 1/2″ Nylon
  • (3)  – Hex Nuts, #4-40 Nylon
  • (3)  – Screws, 7/8″ #4-40
  • (3)  – Screws, 3/8″ #4-40 Nylon

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