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Product Description

The Shield-Bot with Arduino 12-Pack Plus kit is a complete, single-box solution for teaching Arduino C coding and electronic circuit building with robotics, along with other STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) topics. Educators would choose this option if they want to obtain a classroom set with all of the popular accessories used with the Shield-Bot in a single order, at a significant discount compared to the items purchased individually.

This package includes 12 complete robot sets and the most popular add-ons, along with replacement parts (see the Overview tab for a complete list of materials, below). Classrooms will have enough hardware to combine sensing technologies for a variety of competitions. Consider a contest with a line following circuit where boxes and open lines exist in the competition field, and the contest is started and stopped with an infrared remote control. Or a light-following contest (open the blinds on one side of the class, or draw the shades and use a shop light) where some obstacles are easily detected with infrared but others are seen at further distances with an ultrasonic sensor on a rotating servo. These applications and many more are supported by our tutorials and all hardware is included in the kit! Parallax tutorials provide code and circuit examples for every piece of hardware in the kit, but we leave the integration of these circuits and code up to the student.

Twelve printed copies of our 270-page spiral bound Robotics with the BOE Shield-Bot for Arduino tutorials are also included. Students are often adept at copying code from a browser tutorial to the Arduino editor, but having students type code from a printed tutorial improves retention by eliminating thought-loss associated with the copy/paste task-switching. The tutorials are also available as web pages, but educators often prefer our printed tutorials.

Chromebook schools may also request a free Codebender login from Parallax. Codebender is the most reliable Chromebook editor for Arduino. Please see the Exploring the Top Six Educator Resources for the Shield-Bot for more. Educators desiring professional development may obtain it through our partnership with Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Academy on-line courses. These workshops also include a free Shield-Bot for Arduino.


  • 12 sets of hardware for 1-to-1 or 2-1 student to robot ratios
  • Program in Arduino C, a popular language for physical computing
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Chromebook (with the Parallax free Codebender login)

Ordering and Shipping:

You may order online with a credit card, or place a school purchase order by phone (888-512-1024), email ( or fax (916-624-8003). UPS ground shipping recommended.

Free Training for Teachers:

A free 60-minute Onboarding Session for teachers is included with purchase. During this 1-on-1 video conferencing meeting with a Parallax Education Team member, you will get up and running with our hardware, software, and tutorials so you can feel confident launching your program. To schedule, begin by filling out the Parallax Robot 12-pack Plus Onboarding Session form, then Parallax staff will contact you.

Kit Contents:

  • (12) Robot Shield with Arduino – Book Included (#32335)
  • (12) PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (#28015)
  • (12) PING))) Mounting Bracket Kit (#570-28015)
  • (12) QTI Line Follower AppKit (#28108)
  • (12) Unversal Remote (#020-00001)
  • (3) Small Robot Electronics Component Kit (#572-28132)
  • (3) Small Robot Hardware Refresher Pack (#570-35000)

Note: each robot requires 5 1.5 V AA Batteries, not included.

Additional Information

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