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Tetris was contributed by forum member Rayman, and incorporates the Ahle2 simpleSound engine. This code was written in C with FlexProp, and incorporates the use of Spin2 files for video, mouse and keyboard. 

The hardware is a Propeller 2 board with the P2 Eval A/V Breakout Add-on Board for audio and VGA. In this configuration, you play through the FlexProp terminal with your computer’s WASD keys. You may also use a USB keyboard and mouse connected to the P2 Eval Serial Host Add-on Board. 

Open the Platform.h file from FlexProp to configure your own I/O pins:

'//Note:  You must currently edit vga driver to set the base pin
#define AV_BasePin 0  //Base pin for A/V expansion board connected to Eval Board
#define AV_LeftPin (AV_BasePin+6)
#define AV_RightPin (AV_BasePin+7)

//USB pin definitions Parallax USB adapter board for P2 Eval Board
#define USB_DM_PIN (SERIAL_HOST_BASEPIN+6)  //USB is on +6 and +7 for lower port, +2 and +3 for upper port
#define USB_ERR_LED_PIN 57       //Using P2 Eval board's P57 led for error display
#endif // Board_Eval

Thank you to Rayman for this entertaining contribution to P2 Quick Bytes! 

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Table of Contents
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Piotr Kardasz link doesn’t work


FYI, Tetris in 1080p […] forum link under ‘Additional Resources’ is broken. 🙂

Stephanie Lindsay



It was odd with no TLD and no periods, e.g. forums/parallax/discussion/… Ah well it works now.

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