Parallax Propeller 1 Flies High in Super Bowl 2021 on JonyJib Aerial Camera Sled

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Did you watch the Super Bowl? Parallax had a prominent view as our Propeller 1 Multicore Microcontroller flew over the field! Click on the image to see a short video clip of the system.

Parallax customer specializes in aerial camera control mechanical systems of all types. They recently designed this aerial camera control system for one of their clients. This Propeller 1 control system features a ground-based joystick controller that transmits via RS232 radio modem to the sled that drives back and forth over long cables hung in sporting arenas, golf courses, and movie locations. This gives the viewer a birds-eye view and can go where drones are not allowed.

The camera sled has a Propeller 1 which handles drive motor control, pan, tilt, roll, zoom and focus camera functions. The sled is fully self-contained and operates on LiPo batteries. It operates on radio frequencies assigned by the venue coordinator so there is minimal interference. If radio communication is lost, then the sled slows to a stop and awaits further instructions. The camera images are sent via a separate RF link to the ground.

Table of Contents
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