Orchard Pollination System

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Table of Contents

Parallax customer www.jonyjib.com specializes in custom-designed products of all types. They designed this automatic orchard pollination system. 

This Parallax Propeller 1 Multicore Microntroller replaced the previous relay-based units that required human intervention to manually trigger the pneumatic blasts of air into the pollen canisters to inject the pollen into the forced air stream and into the orchard canopy.

The new units are equipped with a tethered single knob pendant that will mount near the operator/driver, with 11 detents or knob positions for setting the speed of up to 8 discrete channels for triggering pneumatic valves. It also houses a pushbutton that pauses the system at the end of the orchard rows and while refilling canisters. These units are also equipped with eight shunt switches for disabling individual channels to customize the application. There are visual LED indications of shunted channels (green LEDs) and triggered channels (red LEDs). The 12 VDC pneumatic solenoid wiring pairs are connected at the bottom of the unit with sturdy Phoenix style connectors. This unit is now entirely solid state with no moving parts (except the toggle switches).

Table of Contents
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