Orchard Pollination System

https://youtu.be/2P3qlKDZPCc Parallax customer www.jonyjib.com specializes in custom-designed products of all types. They designed this automatic orchard pollination system.  This Parallax Propeller 1 Multicore Microntroller replaced the previous relay-based units that required human intervention to manually trigger the pneumatic blasts of air into the pollen canisters to inject the pollen into the forced air stream and into […]

Parallax Propeller 1 Flies High in Super Bowl 2021 on JonyJib Aerial Camera Sled

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Parallax had a prominent view as our Propeller 1 Multicore Microcontroller flew over the field! Click on the image to see a short video clip of the system. Parallax customer www.jonyjib.com specializes in aerial camera control mechanical systems of all types. They recently designed this aerial camera control system […]