Propeller 2 Live Forum Registration Link: Support Questions and Open Discussion

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Table of Contents
P2D2 board

Let’s start out with a bit of history and take a look at Peter Jakacki’s P2D2 board. When Parallax first received the Propeller 2 Revision B silicon we mounted it on a bare P2D2 board from Peter Jakacki in Rocklin, California. We had not designed any boards of our own at that time, about a year ago. Since then, Peter has taken the P2D2 design through several iterations and although we haven’t heard from him in a while, we know the community will be enthusiastic for an update when he’s ready.    

This week’s Propeller 2 Live Forum is an open session for support inquiries, discussion, and sharing. Sign up at the link below and see you tomorrow!  

All of the past Propeller 2 Live Forums are available on the Parallax YouTube Channel Playlist “Propeller 2 Live Forum”. 

Table of Contents
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