Propeller 2 Live Forum: TeamOz Talks Hardware + MicroPython + Discussion

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Table of Contents
Propeller 2 Micropython smartpin exerciser

You know the process: click the button below and sign up for the Propeller 2 Live Forum on Wednesday! There’s a small switch, though — this meeting is at 3:00 pm Pacific Time (an hour later than normal). This is still very early in Australia but should give them enough time to wake up and grab their first cup of coffee. Apologies to the Europeans, who may not be able to stay awake but will be able to watch the YouTube video afterwards. 

Lots of important details coming from Lachlan (and OzPropDev, Roger and others if it’s not too early for them):

– MicroPython P2 News update
– MikroPython hardware sampler (MicroPython 1.13 + P2DIL80 + custom Mikrobus board)
– Compatibility of above with P2 Eval board
– P2DIL80 (core element of above, not easy to see in photos due to size)
– P2DIP40 (its the same PCB, loaded with different connectors)
– Supporting MicroPython, Github sponsorship link (have your funds ready!)
– Sneak-peak of breakout board for the above (adds more Mikrobus sockets)

Chip says he’ll have some graphical debug updates and he’ll use a smaller monitor for Zoom this time (not those 4K vertical beasts) to make a useful video for those who cannot attend.

Sign yourself up below! 

Table of Contents
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