Parallax’s Mystery Box Kits Shipping + BBC micro:bit v2.0!

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Pre-order the new BBC micro:bit v2.0 from Parallax!

BBC micro:bit highlights

The Microbit Educational Foundation made a significant announcement today about the new BBC micro:bit v2.0. See the BBC micro:bit news for official information. Parallax has placed a significant stocking order for the modules and we expect to receive our first inventory in mid-November. You may pre-order the BBC micro:bit v2.0 starting today!

The most important feature for Parallax cyber:bot users is that the MicroPython interpreter has 3.5x the code space available. The BBC micro:bit 2.0 is now a serious tool for physical computing and Python scripting in education! This tremendous boost in performance allows students to write larger programs with multiples sensor circuits, along with more modules. We will begin shipping the cyber:bot with the BBC micro:bit v2.0 when our inventory of the prior version (1.5) is fully consumed. Until then, you can pre-order the v2.0.

The prices for the BBC micro:bit v2.0 is about the same as the prior version, making the upgrade very affordable. We will be stocking three formats: the module alone, the GO kit with USB cable and battery pack, and the CLUB kit (a 10-pack of GO kits).

Tech or Treat? Three Mystery Box Kits Launched at 9:00 am Pacific

silly string kit

Three Silly String Trap #mysterybox kits were just launched by Parallax! Each kit includes the Silly String Trap and there’s a price for each budget! Each kit is 10% off and shipping is free to USA addresses!


The Silly String Trap Kit includes the LaserPING 2m Sensor, a Parallax Standard Servo, a can of Goofy String, and the acrylic parts and hardware to put it all together as shown in this video. This contraption is compatible with your Propeller Activity Board, Arduino, or BASIC Stamp. We didn’t provide any code examples but it’s quite easy with a single sensor, servo movement, and appropriate delays.

What additional items do you receive in the Swag Bag or Mystery Box versions? Whatever we could find in our office cleanup and warehouse! Sometimes this includes working-or-not trade show demos, swag, excess or obsolete inventory, or even a special surprise. If you’re not happy with the results please let me know I’ll offer a no-questions-asked refund. So far, nobody has made that request but I welcome the first!

Need extra cans of Silly String? We’ve got 180+ cans on hand which you can add to your order or you can find them at one of 15,288 Dollar Tree locations for even less.

700-00104 – Spray String 1.8oz Can – $2.50

Continue to embrace the unknowns of 2020 and make it the best it can be! Share your code and applications of this on-line with #mysterybox.

Featured Teacher: Jackie Tan of South Tahoe Middle School

Jackie Tan is clearly running the class her students will remember, from her home. Ms. Tan took the cyer:bot course from Parallax in the Spring and this Fall she worked with us to methodically choose components and assemble 70+ distance learning kits based on the BBC micro:bit module for her seventh graders. Her home office is a colorful Maker Lab with a workshop, video studio, and common household craft supplies —all within arm’s reach. She’ll use Zoom with a goal of “making things move, light up and generate sound” as she gently teaches coding in this hands-on course.

Jackie described how her Maker Lab concept will work with distance learning, saying “My students will receive take-home maker kits including a micro:bit for coding and electronics for learning simple circuits on a breadboard. These kits will be utilized for a variety of inventions from whimsical student creations to engineering design challenges to solve problems in our community. They will be used throughout the year as an integral part of student inventions with increasing complexity as students gain experience. These kits will be utilized at home during remote learning and each student will receive a complete set. This is a new and unique opportunity for our STMS students to expand their hands-on experience with STEM tools. The Maker Lab elective is available to all students at STMS.”

This is Ms. Tan’s first year using the BBC micro:bit and we’re excited to follow her on Twitter.

Table of Contents
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