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The Silly String Trap Kit is a LaserPING 2m triggered, servo-actuated acrylic hardware trap for the unaware! This contraption places the common Dollar Tree “Goofy String” cans in our laser-cut pieces of acrylic using a collection of screws, standoffs and brackets. The LaserPING’s focused sensor beam is ideal for detecting anything that enters its narrow cone of detection up to 2m away, which is about how far a fully-pressed Goofy String sprays!

This kit includes no source code, so you’re on your own — but we know our customers can figure out this little puzzle. The Parallax Standard Servo and LaserPING are compatible with the Propeller Activity Board, Arduino, and BASIC Stamp. If you’re new to coding this kind of system, our best advice is the following:

  •  Watch the build video and assemble the kit as shown. You’ll notice that the servo horn screw (and servo horn) is removed when you start coding. This way, you can test it without using all of your Goofy String.
  • Start coding and break your code segments into tested subsystems, making one thing work at a time.
  • Write a code snippet for the LaserPING 2m sensor. Obtain the sensor’s distance reading and write it to your terminal with the microcontroller connected to the computer. Add a 3-second pause between the sensor readings. Save this code.
  • Write a second code snippet to control the Parallax Standard Servo. Determine the range of motion and the rate of movement required to actuate the Goofy String. Save this code.
  • Integrate the two code snippets into a working system. Build-in plenty of delays so you don’t use the whole can of Goofy String when an unaware bystander becomes an entertained goof.

We’ve also got several dozen cans of the Goofy String in our shop #700-00104 to refill your Trap. They’re a bit more than you pay for them at the Dollar Tree, mostly because of their high inbound shipping to Parallax. However, with 15,288 Dollar Tree stores, you should have success finding more Goofy String near you (as long as you don’t wait until the week of Halloween).

Note: Assembly Required. Microcontroller not included. Wear safety glasses for this project.

We hope you share the same fun with this kit as we did putting it together! Share your projects on-line on Parallax social media with the hashtag #mysterybox.

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