Propeller 2 Live Forum: Peter Jakacki Presents P2D2!

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Table of Contents

"Peter Jakacki Presents P2D2 Update" on Wednesday, July 29th at 3:00 pm Pacific (8:00 am AEST)

Peter Jakacki's P2D2 Module

Propeller 2 Early Adopters who have spent any time at all on the Parallax forums are very familiar with Peter Jakacki’s P2D2 Module and his Tachyon Forth / TAQOZ interests. Tomorrow –on Wednesday (or Thursday if you are in Australia or Europe) — Peter has filled our Propeller 2 midsummer dreams with a real live update on the P2D2 module. The P2D2 module is the first printed circuit board made for the Propeller 2 and has been fitted with every engineering sample produced by Parallax. An earlier revision of P2D2 is shown above. 

What will Peter talk about? 

The preliminary agenda includes background and rationale behind the P2D2 design, with close-up zooms on sections of interest. Peter will show how the P2D2 module can be used as a stand-alone development board, as a prototyping board, or as an embedded P2 module. We’ll also see the USB serial communication capabilities including firmware loading demonstrated live. And finally, there will be an update on the manufacturing run. Questions will be welcome throughout the presentation. 

Register by following the link below.

Table of Contents
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