Parallax Midsummer Mystery Box Kit – 50 Units Ready!

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When the CNC Machinist and Intern Make Decisions at Parallax

When the CNC Machinist and Intern Make Decisions at Parallax

Things at Parallax seem to happen a little differently lately. Today, Kenneth and Aiden brought fifty (50) more boxes of “some interesting things” to us. The Midsummer Mystery Box Kit could be best described as being about:

– Soldering! Do you like to weld things together?
– Access. Ever feel too old to see components? We can probably help you with that problem, too!  
– Summertime! . . .and the living is easy unless it’s really sunny and humid. 
– Motion. There’s no way we could ship a robot at this price. But you’ll probably still be moved.  
– Kids. They might even put down the game controller to work with you for a bit. 
– Programming. A chance to run BlocklyProp?
– Music. If nothing else, maybe you can play the Super Mario Theme Song with a little speaker in the kit. 

These kits are all a bit different. A couple of them have some surprises, too! If you’re not entirely happy I’ll also provide a refund! 

SumoBot WX Competition Kit

SumoBot Competition Kit

You’ve probably seen our news leaks about the SumoBot Competition Kit WX. They’re finally on our shelves and will be formally announced for sale next week after a few more tutorials are published, but you’re welcome to sneak an order in if you can’t wait for any longer (product development took us almost four years). This product combines all kinds of fun: competition, BlocklyProp programming, and robot building. If you’re familiar with the original BASIC Stamp SumoBot, you’ll find the SumoBot WX Competition Kit to be a tremendous step forward with the Propeller 1 FLiP Multicore Module, sensing options and expansion opportunity. 

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Table of Contents
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