Propeller 2 Live Forum: Team Oz Presents “MicroPython with the P2”

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MicroPython's Design, Use, and Capabilities Presented by TeamOz! on Wednesday, 3:00 pm Pacific

Propeller 2 Micropython smartpin exerciser

At this week’s Propeller 2 Live Forum – Early Adopter Series, Tubular will present TeamOz’s progress on their “MicroPython with the Propeller 2” design effort. We’re really looking forward to learning how Damien’s MicroPython was ported to the Propeller 2, how the Code with Mu editor and board type works with the Propeller 2, how Mu can be used with non-Windows operating systems, the integration of the Mu plotter for the smart pin waveforms, and how Spin2 objects might be used in other Propeller 2 cogs. How’s that for a list of interests? We’re really looking forward to what TeamOz has to share tomorrow, as MicroPython is the candidate for Parallax’s future educational programs.

Isn’t the Aussie Propeller 2 capability peculiar? Is anybody else wondering how we’ve accumulated such depth of Propeller 2 interest among the Aussies? Australia provides the highest concentration of Propeller 2 users and developers per capita! 

Register at the link below and we’ll see you tomorrow. 

Table of Contents
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