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Parallax speeds the process of Propeller 2 development through our partnership with MikroE, who has created a family of 850+ Clicks for most I/O functions you may envision. For each of the Click boards stocked by Parallax, you will find a documented Spin 2 code example on our Propeller GitHub Object Exchange. Connect your Click boards to the Propeller 2 Evaluation Board or P2-EC Edge Breakout Breadboard using the #64008 P2 to MikroBus Click Adapter.

Relay 2 click is a dual relay click board™, equipped with two single-pole solid state relays (SSR), built with the patented OptoMOS® technology. These SSR devices allow reasonably high current, up to 2A and voltage up to 30V (peak-to-peak). These relays also allow very fast switching time, thanks to the absence of any moving parts inside of them. Compared to a mechanical relays, solid state relays offer a whole range of advantages, such as very high reliability, arc-free operation with no snubbing circuits required, great input/output galvanic isolation, no EM/RF interferences, low driving power needed, resistance to wear over time since they do not use any mechanical parts, and much more compact sizes, compared with the traditional mechanical relays.

Equipped with two SSRs, the Relay 2 click is an ideal solution for power switching in both DC and AC applications. Due to its low power requirements, it can be controlled by the MCU pins, directly. It allows implementation of the MCU controlled power switching applications, such as the switches for the instrumentation and sensor circuitry power control, various I/O subsystems, control of various embedded electronic applications, and similar cases where reliable and clean power supply control is required.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with two LCA717 single poles OptoMOS® solid state relays
  • High reliability, arc-free operation with no snubbing circuits required
  • No EM/RF interference
  • Fast switching speed with no moving parts allow high endurance
  • Two screw terminals for securely connecting external loads


  • Type: Relay
  • On-board modules: Two LCA717 single-pole, OptoMOS® solid state relays
  • Interface: GPIO
  • Compatibility: mikroBUS
  • Click board size: M (42.9 x 25.4 mm)
  • Input Voltage: 3.3V
  • Weight: 28g

For pinout diagram, settings, schematic, and datasheet, see the manufacturer’s product page.

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