Parallax Feedback 360° High Speed Servo


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Product Description

The Parallax Feedback 360° High Speed Servo provides the functionality of a light-duty standard servo, continuous rotation servo, high-speed servo, and encoder in one convenient package. This is the servo on the ActivityBot 360° Robot.

Like most continuous rotation servos, the Feedback 360° is controlled by a 50 Hz pulse-width-modulation signal.  What sets it apart is a return signal line from an internal Hall effect sensor system that provides digital angular position feedback.

Utilizing this feedback signal, your application can cause the servo to turn to and hold any angle, much like a standard servo but with an unlimited range of motion.  Or, rotate the servo continuously at a controlled, verifiable speed—up to 120 RPM—as a robot drive motor.  Control signal response is nicely linear across the speed control range.


  • Bidirectional, continuous, feedback-controllable rotation from -120 to 120 RPM
  • PWM positional feedback across entire angular range
  • Internal Hall effect position sensor, which is not subject to wear or sensor deadband as are potentiometer-style feedback systems
  • No need to manually “center” the servo
  • 3-pin ground-power-signal cable plugs onto the Activity Board’s 3-pin header
  • Separate single wire with female connector supplies feedback to a separate I/O pin
  • Fits our Small Robot Wheel and Tire and Servo Wheels

Application Ideas:

  • Robot drive motors
  • Small-scale animatronics
  • Interactive artwork


  • RPM: +/-120 w/feedback control, 140 max (+/- 10) @ 6 V, no load
  • Gears: POM
  • Case: Nylon & fiberglass
  • Spline: 25-tooth, 5.96 mm OD
  • Peak stall torque @ 6 V: 2.2 kg-cm (30.5 oz-in)
  • Voltage requirements: 6 VDC typical, 5–8.4 VDC max range*
  • Current requirements: 15 mA (+/- 10) idle, 150 mA (+/- 40) no-load, 1200 mA stalled
  • Control signal: PWM,  3–5 V 50 Hz,  1280–1720 µs
  • Control signal zero-speed deadband:  1480–1520 µs (+/- 10)
  • Feedback sensor: Hall effect
  • Feedback signal: PWM, 3.3V,  910 Hz, 2.7–97.1% duty cycle
  • Product weight: 1.4 oz ( 40 g)
  • Cable length: ~ 9.8 in (250 mm)
  • Dimensions: approx. 2.15 x 1.46 x 0.79 in (50.4 x 37.2 x 20 mm)
  • Mounting hole spacing: 10 x 49.5 mm on center
  • Operating temperature range: 5 to 158 °F (-15 to +70 °C)

*5 VDC is absolute minimum required for no-load angular position control.  5.8 to 8 VDC is recommended for continuous rotation speed control.

Additional Information

Weight 0.095 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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I’m using the Parallax Feedback 360 with a Raspberry Pi 4B. Connecting the control and feedback wires directly to GPIO pins on the Pi. The Red and Black wires are connected to an external +5VDC source (ground common with Pi ground). I’m trying to move the servo a small distance (<1/60th of a rotation), then measure the position via the feedback pulse. How few control pulses can I send to get minimal but consistent movement? It seems like when I send 1 pulse or 2 pulses the servo moves different amounts with different invocations.

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