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OLED C click is equipped with the 96×96 high-color OLED display. It can display up to 65K/262K different colors and shades on a compact size display, based on the OLED technology. The OLED technology provides a very good brightness-to-contrast ratio, doesn’t require any backlight – since the pixel elements emit light on their own, better angle of viewing – compared to traditional TFT screens, better power consumption, better picture quality, better response times and more. The OLED technology is constantly being perfected and it is slowly taking over the existing liquid crystal technology (TFT).

The compact size of the display and the used OLED technology make this Click board™ a perfect solution for many applications which require the display of some information on the screen, in a form of a diagram, text or a pie chart. The Click board™ can be used to display images or any kind of graphics in 96×96 pixels resolution, with 65K/262K colors. It is a perfect solution to add display functionality to small development systems.


  • OLED part number: PSP27801
  • Controller: SSD1351
  • Display color: 65,536/262,144
  • Size/Resolution: 96×96 pix
  • Module size: 25.8 x 48.1 x 1.227mm (type)
  • Active area: 20.135 x 20.14 mm
  • Dot pitch: 0.07 x 0.21mm
  • Dot size: 0.045 x 0.19mm
  • Interface: 8/16/18 bit parallel, 3-wire and 4-wire SPI
  • Weight: 35g

For datasheet, schematic, and pinout diagram see the manufacturer’s product page.

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